Academy Credit Card Brief Description and Benefits

Academy Sports Credit Card is powered by the U.S bank and is usually offered to users in two forms; the Academy Sports Signature visa and the Academy Sports Outdoor visa depending on your creditworthiness. This credit card rewards a good number of bonuses to customers who frequently make use of it for transactions. There are other benefits associated with this card.

You will get a discount of $15 on your first purchase with this card and 5% more points per dollar for use at the Academy sports store. However, the credit card is only for use in the Academy Sports store. It offers a range of sports products that meets a frequent shopper needs.

2% points are awarded for gas purchases and 1% point is awarded for all other purchases. Furthermore, if the review of your application takes a longer time than stipulated you get $15 as a bonus for any Academy purchase. 

It provides signature privileges for entertainment, sporting, dining, savings, shopping, and travel. The mobile app management enables users to monitor transactions on their cards. It offers 24 hours services to its customers at a faster and reliable pace with zero fraud liability security.

Academy Sports Credit Card Review

Academy Credit Card Rates/Fees

Looking to purchase as many products as possible from the Academy store on a daily bases or from time to time then you ought to know how much fee is attached to the use of this credit card. Visa cardholders are expected to pay fees of $29 but are not charged an annual fee.

The annual percentage rate ranges from 12.49% to 24.49%, balance transfers requires 3% of the amount for that particular transfer, and there’s no overdraft protection. Furthermore, the cash equivalence for each advance transaction is minimally at $10.

How to Apply For Academy Sport Credit Card

  • You need to visit the Academy credit card webpage
  • Click the APPLY NOW button and fill out the information in different categories containing personal information, housing information, employment or income details.
  • Then, check if you require bank transfers as one of the services and read the terms and condition. This will tell you what you need to do and to check if you meet their requirements.
  • And finally, click on the submit link to continue

To know if your application form is accepted you have to call the customer care service number 1-800-808-1059.

academy sports online credit card application

Academy Credit Card Login

You can gain access to your account by simply visiting the webpage of the US bank where you can have access to information involving your transactions and other services.

  • To log in your visit the platform click on credit card MEMBER login link,
  • Fill out the necessary spaces contained in the US bank login account with the right details
  • Provide your personal ID
  • Then, click on the log in link,
  • Provide your password
  • And finally, click the submit button.

Academy Credit Card User ID Recovery

When you lose your user ID or forget your password, you will need to visit the webpage of the academy credit card platform.

  • Click on the FORGOT ID link,
  • Choose your account type,
  •  Then, select the mode of identification
  • They will ask for your personal details such as your phone number, email address or last 4 numbers of your social security number.
  • Then click continue to recover your ID.

 To retrieve your Academy Credit Card password

  • Simply click on the reset your password link,
  • You will need to send your email address,
  • Then tap send me my password.
How to Contact Academy Credit Card Customer Care Service

Finally, card users can get more inquiries about services of this academy credit card by simply dialling the line of their customer care agent with this number 1-866-546-9241

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