Ace Hardware Credit Card Description and Benefits

Ace Hardware credit card is issued by a US bank and is used for purchases in Ace Hardware Corporation. There are two different Ace Hardware cards; the Ace rewards signature card and the Ace reward platinum card.

The Ace Rewards Signature card is offered to cardholders first, but when they are unqualified, the Ace Rewards Platinum card is the second option for them. It has a wide range of benefits it offers to its cardholders. You are looking to getting good fees rate, bonuses, payment flexibility; then you are looking at the credit card that will provide you with these services.

 Cardholders can earn up to 5% ace rewards points at any of the participating Ace stores. You will be rewarded with 10 points for every $1 you spend on purchases. Card users can receive up to 2% on gas and groceries purchases. This visa signature concierge is available to users, and the Ace credit card also issues pre-set spending limits.

Cardholders receive $25 for every 12,500 Ace rewards that they earn for using the card. It is easy for its members to make card bills payment, view their transaction history, upgrade account and sign up for other services.

Ace Hardware Credit Card

Ace Hardware Credit Card Fee/Rate

Looking up credit card benefits to its members is as important as looking up the credit card rates and fees. You ought to know the fees attached to its services and the rates at which they provide their services. Ace Hardware fees and rates are as follows;

  • It charges no annual fee
  • The APR for purchases made with the card is 49% to 23.24%
  • The cash advance fee is $5
  • The foreign transaction fee is $2
  • The late payment fee is $37
  • And the minimum interest charge is $2

Ace Rewards Visa Credit Card Application

Applying for Ace Hardware credit card is as easy as using your mobile app to;

  • Visit the webpage of ace hardware credit card
  • Locate the application page, click and provide your personal information
  • Enter your reward number
  • Enter your housing information,
  • Fill out your income and employment income and indicate if you are interested in a balance transfer
  • View the terms and conditions of the credit card
  • Then click the submit button to continue

You can check your Ace Hardware credit card application status by calling 1-888-827-4223 and activate your card by calling customer care service center.

How to Log In Your Ace Hardware Credit Card

How to Recover Your Password and Username

No worries, there are ways to get back your account even after you have lost your password or username. To recover your password or User ID you simply:

  • Go to the homepage of the credit card
  • Go to the log in section and click on FORGOT ID
  • Enter your account type
  • Fill out your phone number, email address, and card number
  • Choose the mode of identification and provide the right information to continue
How to Contact Customer Care Service

You can make more inquiries and reach out to the customer care service center by calling 1-888-827-4223.

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