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We have a great team to streamline your adverts and promote it to our teeming readers. ADS Placement terms and conditions

The following are some basic rules to ensure you get the best service from us:

  1. We follow the universal best practices for ADS placements and will take time to review your products or services before we accept them.
  2. We reserve the right to accept or reject ad placements
  3. We frown on fake news and fraudulent activities thus we place disclaimer notice on all ad placements
  4. Ads can be taken down where there are reported and confirmed cases of abuse on your product/service. Note that in this case, you WILL NOT be refunded.
  5. We accept payments through PayPal, Payoneer, and Direct Bank Deposits.

We can provide you with quality content tailored to your specific business need, or if more convenient for you; we will accept your own content provided that it meets our High-quality content benchmark.

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