The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Tech Specs: The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X came with lots of firsts for the tech giant. “Say hello to the future” was the tagline used by Apple to introduce its fans to the new device and it’s fair to say, we’re in a new era. The iPhone X represents a huge step forward as it comes with some considerably new design.

Having removed some key features of the old iPhones like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the home button. They also introduced new unlocking and navigation system. Thus, signifying a huge change from the ever-increasingly tired old designs most iPhone users are used to. Although the new iPhone costs a lot more which could yet prove a big risk for them. Especially as they are already losing their position as the leading smartphone maker. will be exploring the components of the new device. We’ll also try to help readers to decide if the iPhone X is worthy of such hefty price tag.

iPhone X specs

Body- Weight/dimension174 g (6.14oz)/143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm
Display- size/resolution5.8 inches/1125 x 2436 pixels
Platform- OS/CPUiOS 11 1.1/Hexa-core 2.39 GHz
Camera- primary/secondaryDual: 12 MP/7 MP with face detection
SensorsFace ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
BatteryNon-removable Li-Ion 2716 mAh battery
Storage- ROM/RAM64-256 GB/3 GB

What’s new in the iPhone X

  • Screen: the new iPhone comes with a 5.8 inch OLED screen making it arguably the best screen on an iPhone ever. Apple removed the home button to create more space on the screen for users. With clear, vibrant colors and crisp sharpness, the iPhone X screen has proven to be a big hit. The screen’s OLED technology means users get a clean, crisp screen without the hassle of those notorious color shifts when you move around. The new innovative display also comes with an HDR playback which means it can show movies that are encoded in the HDR10 and Dolby vision formats. When you combine this effect with the screen’s OLED display, it’s obvious the iPhone X offers so much more realistic color reproduction. So if you’re a movie lover, especially movies with explosive scenes, the iPhone X will give you an incredible and enjoyable experience.
Apple iPhone X Tech Specs
  • Face ID: the new facial recognition system was used to replace the traditional fingerprint-scanning touch ID of the old iPhones. The new ID system is easy to set up with Apple going the extra mile to ensure the system is adaptable for users. Having been put to lots of testing, the new facial ID system so far seems flawless. It works even when you’re wearing glasses! However, when you compare the speed to which the facial ID and the touch ID unlock your device, you’d definitely notice a slight fastness that comes with the touch ID system because with the sensor on the home button, it’s very easy to reach without any stress.
  • Animoji: Apple introduced Animoji in the new iPhone series, the Animoji is a fun feature which can be used to create talking emoji using the device TrueDepth camera. The Animoji can transform you into a talking robot, cat, dog, panda and/or any other avatar you choose. The really fun part comes with the accuracy of the facial mapping which can allow you to create very funny Animoji. Although this is just kind of like a novelty, not really why you’d want to spend $1000+ on an iPhone but still, it’s fun.
  • Modified iOS 11 and performance: any user of iPhone 6 and above probably already know how the iOS 11 works but it’s a bit different on the iPhone X. The main difference, of course, is the lack of home button. Apple used swipey gestures to replace the functions of the home button. So now, swiping from the bottom of the screen serves as the home button rather than launch the control center as seen with older iPhones. This all seem gloomy but it’s a bit overboard, for example, the introduction of these gestures now makes some functionalities convoluted. Now for you to access the deck of running apps, you need a demi-swipe upwards, if you mistakenly reach too far, you’ll be accessing the home button instead. But on the bright side, the A11 Bionic chipset and the 3 GB RAM that comes with the device gives it a more superior engine. Certainly one of the most powerful smartphones currently on the market.


Most android users will not really appreciate the swift innovative change in the new iPhone but those core iPhone users familiar with the iPhone ecosystem would be happy to get their hands on the iPhone X.

Apple tried so much to get it right this time and they should be very proud of the iPhone X but the slogan “future of smartphones” which they used to roll out the iPhone X is quite misleading. This is because most of the so-called new features on the device were already on other handsets. It is, however, the future of the iPhone, check out the Apple iPhone X Tech Specs.

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