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Askmen is a commercial website which was released far back in the year 2000 in the month of December (i.e. 18 years back). This site is owned by an entrepreneur whose name is ‘Ziff Davis’. However, the site was originally founded in August 1999 by three (3) college graduates from Concordia University in Montreal. The names of the individuals are; Luis Rodrigues, Christopher Bellerose, and Ricardo Poupada.

Askmen is strictly a men’s forum that deals with men’s lifestyle. It is currently the largest of its kind in the world. Ask men is proven to have about 45,000 articles about men on their portal with more than 12million visitor on the site. However, after some years of valuable service from the creators, It was then bought by IGN Entertainment Unit. And ever since then hasn’t stopped in exploring and providing users with even better service. This online web portal has international versions in countries like;

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)

And also even as far as the Middle East. They are versions designed specially to suit these listed countries and regions of the world.


Features of Askmen

If you are interested in knowing more about men’s lifestyle, just try this site. It is a sea of information. Also, the beautiful thing is that you can access it whether you register or not. It is publicly open to all. For the ladies, if you want to know what being a man is like, try Askmen. It features a lot of articles and examples are;

  • Dating Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Fitness and Workout
  • Appearance
  • Eating and Diet
  • Romance
  • Career
  • Tech News
  • Dating News
  • and then, Health Issues

Even more are given to you. I promise you will be shocked at the kinds of results you will get. They are very impressive, educative and informational. I urge users to look more at the educative part of Askmen. This is because, it takes information to be transformed and this portal provides you with loads of information to enlighten you. You are so going to be shocked at the things you never knew as a man. Do not bother yourself any longer trying to find out male related info’s just try this forum. And also, I can tell you it is easy, and straightforward to use. Quality info is guaranteed on this site ( to always answer your questions and expose you to even more stuff beyond your imagination.

More On Askmen

Make no mistakes of being lured to downloading an app for this site. The online men portal presently doesn’t have an app. Although it would have been very lovely if it had but I think the owner and his team of strategists should have a reason best known to them for not creating an app of such. For all men, I encourage you to deal wisely by effectively using this platform made available to you. Enjoy the information you get and apply them to your day to day activities. I assure you won’t have any regrets what so ever using it.

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