Avengers Infinity War Review – The Superheros Team Up

DC and Marvel have basically always been rivals because of their superhero interests in movies. DC released Justice League this year and the results were honestly not very impressive. However, The Avengers Infinity War that comes out this year seems to have dotted all their I’s and crossed their T’s by correcting the errors that DC made with Justice League. The trailer was honestly a large boost and damn, it made us wish we were in the Avengers. The quality of the effects are better, the execution, the superheroes…all parameters seemed settled.

The Avengers Infinity War definitely has more of a villain than Justice League has because Steppenwolf isn’t exactly a villain in terms of personality. He lacks the personality and perception of a villain which isn’t exactly the case with Thanos. Thanos plays the villain effortlessly without any stress and has a comic streak to go with it. The combo is fantastic. Marvel also did well by removing the hideous superhero costumes from the comics that made him look scary and simplified him to fit into a more mature looking and dignified villain. Thanos was definitely better to watch in this new Marvel success than Steppenwolf.

AVENGERS Infinity War

The Avengers Infinity War Review

We relate to the superheroes way better because we’ve seen their individual films and read their comics growing up. Thus, we’ve grown with them and we’ve become attached. We talked about Marvel heroes in our classrooms and analyzed them. This had made us grown a long time love for them because they have all been introduced to us. Unlike DC that did a justice league of heroes, we don’t know an even used Computer-generated imagery (CGI) to add three new characters that we didn’t like. Not cool at.

Marvel did fantastic by making sure we knew all the heroes before attempting a superhero team up. It seemed like DC was caught up in the struggle to compete with Marvel because they were under pressure and served us a meal that was practically undercooked. With Marvel, we’ve watched their heroes argue, fight, settle and come together over time. There is nothing more emotionally capturing and more relatable than that and DC is clearly lacking in.

However, the downside is, this Infinity War is definitely going to claim the lives of some of the heroes we have grown to love which might weigh heavy on the emotions of the fans. We have grown to love these particular superheroes and there’s a fear that the superheroes that will die might take away the fun and excitement of the movie. This speculation has been going on for a while and shows that something serious usually changes at every phase or the end of every movie. The fans are definitely itching to find out what will happen.

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One good thing is Marvel definitely seems to have a plan and are clearly working hard to maintain their brand. They have 20 follow up movies and don’t plan on going anywhere but we can all agree that DC still offers a better cinematic experience and can learn from their justice league failure. Avengers Infinity War has already been well received and as usual, we can’t wait for more!

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