Backup Facebook pictures and Messages

Facebook is not only a social media platform for interacting with people but can also function as a storage house for pictures and videos of users. Most times we upload most of our photos directly from our camera to our Facebook platform. Some users may have a backup of these files while some may not. But if you are in the habit of uploading your pictures directly to Facebook, it is important to back up this data.

Back up is a Facebook feature that enables users to keep offline storage of the data they have shared on the platform. If you are part of people who consider their data as being a valuable asset, then you should probably consider backing up your data to keep them safe. If you Backup Facebook pictures or messages, your data is available to you even when you are offline.

Facebook users can back up photos they have shared online, their message conversation with others and even their profile information. Backing up your data is vital as it can help you print data you have as an offline copy.

It enables you to send photos or messages as email without necessarily being online. Losing your password means potentially losing access to your account and the data in it. A backup file will enable you to have access to the data you have shared on the platform even without a login.

How to Backup Facebook Pictures

How to Backup Facebook Pictures and Messages

Backing up your messages and photos is important to keep them safe even when you lose access to the account or for future reference. We can help you with the steps you need in backing up your data. You have to first:

  • Log in your Facebook on your laptop or desktop, not a mobile device
  • Tap on the account menu icon on the top page of your Facebook page
  • Click SETTINGS
  • The next page that opens is GENERAL SETTINGS
  • Click on DOWNLOAD A COPY OF FACEBOOK DATA at the bottom of the page
  • A new page opens once you tap the DOWNLOAD YOUR INFORMATION link
  • Get a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook
  • After that tap the green button that reads START MY ARCHIVE to download from Facebook from Facebook
  • A pop-up box will appear asking if you wish to create an archive. Tap the blue START MY ARCHIVE button.
  • Then, you will be required to verify your identity before you can gain access to download file it has created
  • Facebook will notify you of an incoming mail containing the file download
  • You will need to click the link on the email sent to you which includes your download file.
  • This link takes you back your Facebook account
  • The files do not come as individual files but come in a compressed form known as HTML file.
  • When you open this file in your device, you can then view the data in their original size and quality.
  • After downloading files, you can group them; accordingly, your photos can have its own file, and your messages can also have its own file.

So, don’t just snap and post those pictures online, also follow these steps to backup your data on Facebook if you value them.

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