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Fundraising Sites – The internet has made everything much more accessible, there are lots of things you can now do through the internet-connecting with friends, meeting clients, advertising your business, working online and now even fundraising.

Crowdfunding is now a very common practice online; it involves a group of people coming together online to create fundraising awareness for different projects or causes. Crowdfunding involves debt crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and reward crowdfunding.

Small business owners or charity organizations can take advantage of crowdfunding or fundraising sites to raise funds for projects.

Reward funding involves reaching out to supporters to help you raise funds in exchange of small amount as rewards.

While debt funding involves collecting fund in the form of a loan which you would pay back after a certain time. And Equity funding involves giving a portion of your company to people who help you to raise funds. Whichever type you intend to go for they can all be done online.

There are lots of crowdfunding and fundraising websites online, but you should go for the best, and you can check out our list for the best.

Fundraising Sites

List of Best Fundraising Sites

Before you choose just any fundraising site, you must know a bit about them, know the fee charges and services they offer. You can check these fundraising platforms:

  • Kickstarter

This is one of the biggest fundraising platforms which has helped a lot of tech and creative entrepreneurs to fund their projects. Before you can start your fundraising with this site, your campaign has to be approved.

And this site mostly works with reward crowdfunding which means you give donors a token or small for their donations. It is definitely one platform you should try for your fundraising projects.

  • Indiegogo

This is also one of the best fundraising platforms, and it offers two types of fundraising- Fixed fundraising and Flexible fundraising.

If you will benefit from any type of fundraising, then flexible fundraising is the option to go for but if you need a certain amount of money, then go for fixed fundraising. This fundraising platform focuses on raising funds for community projects, creative works and tech innovations.

  • Causes

Also, one of the largest online fundraising platforms and it focuses mainly on social and cultural issues. This crowdfunding website is free for users and tends to encourage nonprofit groups or organization who desire to create funds for community projects without spending too much money or resources. You can find people with similar interests with you on the sites.

  • Patreon

This online fundraising platform focuses mostly on creators: You-tubers, bloggers, podcasters and others. Here, donors provide a certain amount of money per creation or month in the form of subscriptions.

The pledgers provide funds as creators continue to produce contents. This platform is not as large as Kickstarter and indiegogo and may not market creators well enough.

  • GofundMe

This platform is best for personal fundraising projects; however, businesses can also take advantage of it. It is popularly known for raising funds for emergencies or charitable cases.


Finally, there are other crowdfunding sites like the Lendingclub and CircleUp, simply choose one that offers excellent fundraising services at reasonable prices.