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Best Memory Cleaner Windows 10 – If your computer is becoming slower and slower, then you are probably looking for ways to optimize your computer and make it work faster.

Your computer builds up data on HDD and RAM, which causes your computer to become slower. Though Windows 10 have integrated tools and functions to help with clearing up your computer, they can be very confusing to use.

Ram optimizers, on the other hand, are easy to use and quite convenient, and you don’t have to be computer-savvy to know how to use them. These programs will help to clear out unnecessary data occupying the memory of your PC device. Ram cleaners perform a sort of clean up or maintenance job for your computer.

Best Memory Cleaner Windows 10

Best Memory Cleaner Windows 10

Now, let’s check out the best Ram cleaners:

  • Restoro: This software tool is considered one of the best and can be used to fix almost every issue related to the Window OS. This is an easy-to-use, convenient, lightweight, and extremely efficient software tool. Restoro can remove any malware along with any issues it causes. This software tool is also absolutely great for Ram optimization. You can program it to perform real-time monitoring of your system and fix issues as soon as they happen. All you need to do is download the software, run the initial scan, and let Restoro do its job.
  • Lolo System Mechanic: Lolo is a popular software optimization tool and has received lots of positive reviews from both customers and critics. This software gives you the option to block or turn off unwanted programs, wipe logs. It also lets you clean up unwanted data occupying your Ram space, and even delete your internet cache and history. It can also automatically detect and fix errors & software related problems on your computer.
  • Wise Memory Optimizer: This software tool is the perfect option for people who are looking for something easy to use. It has a friendly user-interface that makes it easy for you to navigate. It is lightweight and works efficiently to clear up physical memory being used up by PC’s system or other applications.
  • CleanMem: CleanMem will have your computer performing at an optimal level; this is because it optimizes your computer every 15 minutes. In addition, CleanMem has other advanced functions to help in improving the performance level of your computer. It is an ideal option for those who don’t want ever to worry about clogged computer memory.
  • RamRush: Ram definitely acts as one of the best Ram optimizers. It does not only optimize your system’s performance, but it also clears the physical RAM of your device, which enables your computer to perform at a faster rate. This software tool is easy-To-use which makes it a great option for both beginners and experts. It boosts your system’s performance and helps to prevent memory leak and system crashes.


As soon as your Ram starts getting filled up, your device becomes slow. For your system to start working faster, you need to clean up your system’s space and optimize your PC using one of the best Ram optimizers for that.

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