Best safe, Reliable and Fast Torrent Clients in 2020

Best safe Torrent Clients – Torrenting clients provide just the ideal way for you to download large files quickly and with ease. Be it movie files or software; torrenting clients make it easy for you to download large files from people who already have it and help to piece these files together.

Downloading from a host server can be quite slow, especially if others are trying to do the same. Torrenting helps to speed up the process of downloading these large files from host servers.

Best safe Torrent Clients

Best safe Torrent Clients

There are lots of torrenting clients with their own amazing features that you may find it hard to know which to pick. But this list should help know which Torrenting client to pick. Just check out our list of best torrenting clients, which would help you avoid ones that are no good at all.

Here are some top torrenting clients of 2020

  • BitTorrent: This is one of the longest-running Torrenting clients that lots of users enjoy using. It is well organized and comfortable to use, and also has many other features to enable you to download files with ease. It supports modern torrent client features like magnet links, private torrents, encrypted connections, and remote control through a web interface. This torrent client supports a wide range of modern operating systems. So, you can download and run it on Linus, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and others. BitTorrent offers three versions of its services: BitTorrent free version, BitTorrent Pro and BitTorrent pro+VPN. One notable feature BitTorrent has is its built-in search tool. You just need to set it up properly to ensure it is complying with your local laws. Then you can start downloading files with ease from this Torrenting client.
  • Deluge: Deluge is another Torrenting client that has been around for quite a long time. And this platform can be lean and powerful just the way you want it. It works across different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. One notable feature it has is the expendable plugins that make it possible for you to customize your own version of deluge. It has amazing features that enable you to add alphabetical downloading, move files to specific directories according to the file type, create pretty graphs, adjust speed to network conditions, and lots more.
  • uTorrent: This is one of the most widely used Torrenting clients, which is being maintained by BitTorrent itself. It is an incredible light-weight client; it has download scheduling and others. However, users have complained a lot about heavy advertising on the platform. And uTorrent has also experienced a series of security problems. And may not be the most ideal platform for Torrenting.
  • Vuze: Vuze has a clean and well-designed interface that makes it easy and comfortable to use. It is also expandable via plugins and claims to be one of the best Torrenting clients. And it comes in two flavors: Vuze leap and Vuze Plus. And both torrent download, media playback, and support for magnet file links.


If you are looking for the best Torrenting clients, then you definitely need to check out the above-listed to get the most of Torrenting.

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