Best Smart Heat Pump Thermostats 2020 | Programmable Thermostats

Best Smart Heat Pump Thermostats 2020 – Heat pump thermostats are essential for the effective performance of Heat pumps. Heat pumps have specialized functions; they act as a heater in winter and air conditioner in summer, so thermostats are needed to regulate these specialized operations.

Thermostats help heat pumps to work effectively depending on input criteria such as time, current temperature, and other features. The Thermostat helps to turn on or off the heat pump depending on the temperature.

Thermostats enable you to have that automatic control over your heat pump, so you don’t have to bother about turning them off or on by yourself. Also, Thermostats detect a change in temperature with ease, so you don’t have to bother about checking the weather to know how to set your heat pump. Thermostats are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient. You can check out the costs from Amazon and other reputable online merchant platforms.

Best Smart Heat Pump Thermostats

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Thermostat for Heat Pump

Choosing the right Thermostat can make a whole lot of difference, and you can benefit a lot from it. There are important things to consider before purchasing just any thermostat. First, you need to consider:

  • The type of Thermostat: There are three different types of Thermostat; electrical, mechanical, and smart. Electrical and smart thermostats are programmable, while Mechanical thermostats are not as advanced as the other aforementioned options.
  • Compatibility: Not all thermostats will work with specific types of heat pumps, so you need to ensure they are compatible. They have to be compatible with the brand, size and type.
  • You need to take the wiring and installation into consideration to avoid getting all worked up, trying to set it all up.
  • If you need programmable thermostats, then mechanical Thermostat is not the option for you.
  • If you need thermostats with Wi-Fi accessibility, then you need to go for smart thermostats. You can have control of the heat pump through your smartphone. It would be best if you also considered options like Price & Warranty, Art and Design when choosing Thermostat to purchase.
Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Best Smart Thermostats for Your Heat Pump

  • Emerson Sensei Wi-Fi Thermostat: This is programmable, easy-to-use and comes with a 3-year warranty period. It runs all residential HVAC equipment expect baseball heating. It helps save 23% on energy bills, but it does not work with power extender kits.
  • Google, T3007ES NEST 3RD Gen: This Thermostat is efficient, learns your habits and adjusts to suit them. It is also equally programmable, easy-to-set-up and shows you if you are efficient enough. You might, however, require a professional installation id if you don’t have a C wire.
  • Honeywell TH9320WF5003: This Thermostat is customizable, and you can set it up to suit your basic needs. It also has zone creation and scene enabling that makes it easy for you to fine-tune control. It works with all HVAC system through a C wire, its features are amazing but end up being confusing.
  • Ecobee4: This is also one of the very best thermostats; its set-up is easy, and programmable. It also has appealing aesthetics and display. Ecobee4 can get touchy if you don’t set it up far away from heat sources or direct sunlight.
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