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Best Smart TVs for the Australian Market – Visiting a TV showroom can be overwhelming; there are various amazing TV designs and specs that you would probably not know which to choose. So, you need to do your own little research to know what suits you best before going to purchase just any TV.

There are important things you need to consider when buying a TV. You have to put something like tech specs, design features, and size into consideration when choosing a TV to buy.

In addition to this, you have to think about what you want to watch, where you will situate your TV and what you would mostly use the TV for. This would help you know the kind of design features, size, and a spec that would suit your lifestyle.

Now, you can check the list of TVs recommendable for Aussies.

Best Smart TVs for the Australian Market

Best Smart TVs for the Australian Market

  • Samsung Q95T: This smart TV has superb picture quality, incredible HDR performance, and wider viewing angles. It is a comprehensive smart platform, and you don’t have to worry about the burn-in problem that affects most OLED televisions. This is an ideal television for gamers and sports fans.
  • LG CX OLED: This smart TV is both affordable and highly functional. It has superb picture quality, comprehensive features like, and a highly effective smart platform. This is one of the best TVs on the planet. However, it has limited peak brightness for HDR and No HDR10+ support. Its sleek design, picture quality, and premium built-in audio make this TV one of the best.
  • Sony Bravia A&G OLED: This smart TV is one of the best smart TVs which continues to prove that Sony is the king of upscaling. It has amazing 4K HDR performance, ultra-customizable pictures, and best motion positioning. However, has a mediocre sound quality, the IR Remote isn’t so great, and it is fairly expensive. Despite having its downsides, this smart TV is known for delivering the best picture quality.
  • Samsung Q900R QLED TV: This smart TV usher in a new era of TV picture quality with 8K pictures that look immense. It equally has incredible brightness and color. It is however, quite expensive but is definitely worth the price it comes at. The 8K pictures are incredible and look much better on Q900R.
  • Sony A9G Master Series OLED: It has a minimalist design that hides a host of other awesome features like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos support, IMAX Enhanced Certification, and Netflix calibrated mode. It has luscious 4K picture quality and acoustic surface+ audio. However, the Android TV is clunky, and it has no support for HDR10+. The TV is expensive, but it is definitely classic.
  • LG B9 OLED SERIES: This is LG’s cheapest 2019 OLED with bright colors and sharp detail that give shoppers a cheaper way into the world of OLED. It has a webOS smart platform. It has its own drawbacks such as No HDR10+, not the latest processing, and you hear some noise in dark scenes. You can cut costs on TV purchases if you decide to go for this TV.
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