Best Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector | Alexa-Enabled Smoke Detector | Nest Smoke Detector

Best Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector – Smart smoke detectors are definitely the kind of smart home gears every homeowner should invest in. Having a smoke detector is great, but having one that alerts you that there’s fire no matter where you are is even better.

Smart smoke detectors can give you peace of mind, so you don’t have to bother about fire outbreaks in your home when you are out of town or in your office.

Smart smoke detectors tell you if it’s smoke or CO, also alerts you on the severity of the fire. It equally delivers audio alerts & voice instructions to tell you what to do.

Lots of smart smoke detectors are compatible with other smart home gears, so the light can start flickering when smoke is detected. Smart smoke detectors make it rather easy for you to know when there’s a fire in your home, and you can get this notification no matter where you are.

Now, let’s look at some of the best smart smoke detectors:

Best Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

Best Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detector 2020

  • Nest Protector: Nest protector is considered one of the best smart smoke detectors. If you are looking for something sophisticated, then you should go for this. It has amazing features such as voice alerts, varied colored lighting to indicate the type of threat, and the app is very simple to master. And you also get instant voice alerts on your phone. This product also works with other smart gears like Nest thermostat to keep your home safe. However, this product is not cheap.
  • Roost Smart Battery: If you already have a smoke detector and you are looking to make it smart, then this is the product for you. Roost smart battery is WiFi-enabled so you can get fire alerts on your smartphone through the app. The battery can last for years; however, one problem this product has is that it has no smart home compatibility.  
  • OneLink Safe and Sound: This product is one amazing smart home detector you should buy. It sends you fire alerts notifications on your device; it detects smoke and CO, it tells you the kind, condition, and location of the fire. Also, it has built-in Alexa, which means you can listen to audiobooks, play music, and enjoy many other Alexa skills. One downside of this product is that it only works with hardwired smoke detectors.
  • OneLink Smart Smoke + Carbon Detector (2nd Gen): This second-generation OneLink smart smoke and Carbon detectors comes already wired and in battery-powered versions. This product will not only alert you about the fire in your home but will also tell you the exact room. And you can easily connect it with other OneLink alarms so they can go off together. It can also be connected to Homekit and Alexa, and Siri & Alexa can tell you the status of the fire detector.


Selecting the best home detectors can be tricky, but there are important things you need to bear in mind when choosing. You have to determine if you want a hardwired or battery-powered version. You also have to select smoke detectors based on their sensors. So do you want a photo-electric sensor or ionization-type to alert you about the type of fire. Also, purchase a smoke detector that can detect gas or Carbon monoxide.

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