Best WooCommerce Themes 2020 | WooCommerce Cost

Best WooCommerce Themes – Finding the right theme for your online store is as important as setting up your store, you need to select themes that are in line with your kind of store and also offer complete WooCommerce support.

WooCommerce is one of the top platforms for hosting online stores and it runs on WordPress which is one of the top website builders.

Once you have set up your WooCommerce store by signing up for WooCommerce hosting, the next thing you need to do is to select themes for your store.

There are lots of WordPress themes that you can integrate into your website and we are right here to help you get to know them. Now, let’s look at some themes considered the best for your WooCommerce website.

Best WooCommerce Themes

Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020


This theme can be easily customized and can work perfectly for WooCommerce online stores. It contains lots of features that enable shoppers to navigate easily through the store and purchase the items they need. It has a wishlist, shopping cart, quick product search, product image zoom and more.


Astra is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is easy to set up, that can be easily customized and beginners can easily understand how to set up this theme. Its page layout makes it rather easy for users to drag and drop items contents widgets in lots of widget-ready areas.


This theme is considered one of the best WooCommerce themes, and it has a simple modern design and quite powerful features. It has color themes that make products pop out easily and you can also create your own color themes by simply changing theme colors.


Neto is another elegant WooCommerce WordPress theme with lots of powerful features that makes it possible to create store themes. Neto has custom widgets for social media, it offers you a variety of ways to create your store layout and it also has a custom logo for upload.


The digital pro theme works perfectly on WordPress platforms; it has a live customizer support and custom theme options page for the theme set up. This theme also has other features like page templates, customizable headers and three widget areas. Digital pro works highly fast for WordPress WooCommerce stores.


This is a quite stylish theme that works excellently well for WordPress WooCommerce store. This theme has great features that are considered awesome for accessories, fashion stores, and game stores too. The theme is quite easy to set up and easily accessible through a live customer.

There are a whole lot of themes for WooCommerce stores; you can select which suits your taste and kind of store you are running.

WooCommerce Cost

WooCommerce Cost

As an online merchant, you might expect a certain level of quality for your online store and you should be ready to pay for such, especially when it is a serious business like an online store. That being said, WooCommerce is a free e-commerce platform; however, there are certain features you need to pay for.

WooCommerce cost varies based on the kind of features you integrate to your online store, the more features you go for, the more money you pay.

You have to pay for things like hosting, themes, Domain and other important plugins. The estimated cost for Domain is $5-100 per month, the estimated cost for Domain is $12 per year but it may vary depending on the kind of domain.

There are WooCommerce themes available for free, but if you need something more professional you, then you should be ready to pay such themes, the estimates cost for themes is $5.You may need to pay for other things like plugins and extensions to keep your store more functional.

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