Blue Ella Review – Ella Blue Headphones

The Ella Blue Headphones is presently one of the most wanted headphones in the world. It was developed by the company called ‘Blue’. It comes with a unique design which gives users comfort and swag. The headphone is so beautiful that one can take so much pride in flaunting it around. Though it is expensive, am sure when I tell you about its specifications and features you’d definitely know why. If you have ever made use of any product by Blue like the magnificent USB microphone, you will understand why is interested in the quality products this company provides.

Ella Blue Headphones

Features of the Ella Blue Headphones

If you need any sound related device, Blue products are definitely a great option. Users can attest to the fact that they are very great and unique when it comes to sound quality. Ella Blue Headphones has the following attributes;

  • Comfort- The headphone has a design that is by far, distinct from other headphone designs you’ve seen before. It was designed in a way that the ear-cups can fold to make sure your ear is completely covered. It has a good horizontal extension and is suitable for people who wear glass because it creates no interruption for your glass as they can fit in perfectly with the headset on. With this, you can take a nap or read and enjoy it while you have your headphone on.
  • Design- Like I said earlier, the exterior design alone of this gadget will get you seriously craving after it. It was designed with a planar magnetic technology which was inspired by the suspension of racecars giving it a magnificent thin drivers design.
  • Performance- Blue Ella Headphones are one in a million. The sound alone can intoxicate you while listening to it. For those of you who are musicians, music producers and instrumentalists I encourage you to get this headphone. It is worth the sacrifice. You need to be in harmony with sounds every day and you need a device that will give you the correct sound of just anything you are listening to.

Now you have seen the features of Blue Ella Headphones, let’s check out is distinctive specifications.

Specifications of the Blue Ella Headphones

We are still on the review of Blue Ella Headphones. I have given you a brief on its comfort, design, and performance but I want you to know what makes these possible and the engineering behind the gadget. They are as follows;

  • Weight – 481g
  • Frequency – 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Battery Life – 1000Amh
  • Impedance – 10 ohms active and 50 ohms active
  • Output Power – 250mW
  • Noise – 20uv
  • SNR – 101bB

Accessories of Blue Ella Headphones

Ella Blue Headphones come with a number of accessories that make it possible for you enjoy the device. These accessories are as follows;

  • An audio cable with 3m length
  • Carry Case
  • Adaptor
  • An audio cable 1.2m long which comes with iPad or iPhone Controls and a microphone.

You still can go online and hear from users of this beautiful headphone. Their testimonies will surely amaze you.

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