Business Opportunities for Veterans | Small Business Startup Ideas for Veterans

Business Opportunities for Veterans – Retiring from your profession doesn’t mean end of work for you, it just means enough time for you to start putting your business ideas into realities.

You can start making lots of profits from your business ideas, and also maximize your retirement time into doing something productive.

If you are retired and probably looking for a business to start up, there are lots of business opportunities out there specifically for veterans. We are right here to provide you with varieties of businesses ideas.

Business Opportunities for Veterans

Top Business Opportunities Ideas for Veterans

  • Buy a franchise

This is what most veterans go for after retirement, you don’t need to start the brand from the scratch and it has a definite system that works like that of the military. The franchisors can give you the proper training you need and support in owning a brand.

However, franchises can be quite difficult to start; it can be quite expensive and may need you to give out a large upfront investment. Some franchises however recruit lots of veterans and offer them discount fees to encourage them to be brand owners.

There are lots of franchises you can become part of which are specifically meant for veterans, like Cheba hut, Homestory doors, Success member Inc, Fresh coat and lots more. Each has some amount you are required to pay to become an owner and enjoy the benefits of the platform.

  • Become a contractor

This is probably a good idea for military personnel who are skilled in network security, IT, or engineering. Furthermore, you can work with the government and provide them the kind of expertise they need in such fields.

The government offers contracts on various fields like administrative work, transportation, medical work and logistics; you can just find the place you fit into.

  • Start an independent security business

You can still put your training and skills into profit making for yourself; you can now specialize in protecting intellectual properties in the big data industries.

With the skills and trainings you got from years of serving your country, you can now provide security services for big industries and get paid. This is a quite lucrative business for veteran. 

  • Open a retail shop

Opening a retail shop which supplies varieties of items to its customers and other services is another awesome business opportunity for veterans. You can start up a retail shop and gradually grow your business.

Most veterans with great business ideas venture into starting up their own retail shops. All you have to do is fund it and get it out there for people to patronize.

You can decide to sell products that have only military themes or you can decide to expand your products to both military and civilian customers. Also, you can start making profits from your retail shop and give back to community if you want to; you can donate some portion of your business gains to military men and women still serving the country.


In summary, there are lots of successful businesses owned veterans, yours can become one too! You just need the right business opportunity and skills to get your business booming.

We have provided you with some of the best business opportunities for veterans like you.

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