BuzzFeed using AI to create romantic partners in their valentine’s day themed quiz

BuzzFeed valentine day themed quiz – With this year’s Valentine’s day just around the corner, a new BuzzFeed AI-based quiz has been created with promises of helping you “create your perfect boyfriend (or girlfriend) using AI technology.”

According to a BuzzFeed rep. Chris Johanesen, they’re working on what will become a series of “stunt-y experiments” which will be published this year. The idea behind the design according to Johanesen is to “poke fun at the situation we’re all in” (quarantine, obviously), as well as the “weird world of online dating.”

BuzzFeed valentine day themed quizz

In the quiz, you’ll need to answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what you’re looking for in your ideal romantic partner.

If you’ve taken a quiz on BuzzFeed before or even on any other online platform, then the questions in this BuzzFeed’s Valentine’s day themed quiz will probably feel familiar. However, according to Johanesen, the answer should be a lot more unique than in a normal online quiz. With this one, “you could retake it dozens of times and never get the same results.”

So far, the BuzzFeed team has generated a huge catalogue of different profile images with the help of the StyleGAN technology. The BuzzFeed Valentine’s day themed quiz also contains personality traits, text message quotes, hobbies and “weird, dark stuff” all contributed by BuzzFeed staff and then the quiz combines algorithmically to make it interesting.

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