Can You Go Live on Snapchat | How do you go live on Snapchat?

Can You Go Live on Snapchat? Snap Inc. has introduced several new features to the Snapchat app over the past few years. Because of the additional features and recent modifications, the application no longer runs or appears as it previously did.

Currently, users are unaware of how to use the live video features, even as it has been online for a while now. In this article, we will discuss the snapchat live video feature and use it in your snapchat app.

Snapchat’s special live video play shows the full horizontal TV stream in the bottom quarter where users can tap and select which vertical slice they want to see zoomed into in the top three-quarters of their phone. Users will be able to sign up for notifications from their favorite live video broadcast.

The snap chat live video feature was available a couple of years ago, but some users are still unable to use this live video broadcast feature and its contents. The snap Inc. Officials has stated that it is a great idea to transmit the live television feature to their users.

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The company is interested in transmitting cultural events, Award shows, Sports games, and more. Though the entire sport will not be broadcast, it will transmit the most crucial moment of major occasions.

Can You Go Live on Snapchat

How to Do Live Video on Snapchat

The following are outline steps on how users can go live on the Snapchat mobile app:

  • From your mobile screen chat menu, search for the Snapchat mobile app. If you do not have this app, you can install it free from your mobile app store.
  • Open the Snapchat app and sign in to your account using your account-appropriate login details. This will give you access to your snapchat account. If you do not have a snapchat account, tap on the signup button and register to be a snapchat user.
  • This open’s the camera screen; swipe right on it to access the main chat screen.
  • Find a chat from the contact list and select the contact and this will show your chat history with the contact; or If you are new to snapchat, you can choose a contact and start a new chat with your desired contact.
  • Look down to the bottom of the screen, and you will find the main camera icon. Tap on this icon.
  • If you are a new user, select call on the notification of mobile data here.
  • It may take a while to connect with other users. The user call can only be accepted if the other user(s) is also using the chat session on the app. You will also be able to view and talk with another person soon after accepting the call.
  • You can also choose to disconnect the call by tapping on the camera icon.


The Snapchat mobile app was originally designed for personal photo and sharing purposes, but with recent updates, it can also be used for various purposes such as sharing short films, streaming video conferencing, and messaging. Snapchat has some integrated photo and video editing tools that enable users to add special effects and filters to their photo and video content.

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