Best Graphics Cards 2018: Best GPU for gaming


For the consummate gamer with a corresponding gaming PC, the graphics card is perhaps one of the most important components of their laptop. It is not enough to have excellent storage, lightning speed CPU or a wide memory. What really sets out the gaming PC from others still remains its GPU. The graphics card is … Read more

The 10 Best Affordable Good Laptops for you


Affordable Good Laptops – Laptops are generally becoming essentials every day, gone are the days when you had to break a bank to afford a particular type of good laptop for your everyday use. Now with the healthy competition amongst producing companies, we are being offered quality choices that wouldn’t make your pocket/savings burst out … Read more

How Google Assistant, Alexa, and AI are coming to Your Car

Have we already adapted to Voice Assistants on our gadgets? because things are just about to get serious with the new Google car assistant. At the recently concluded CES 2018, automobile companies announced that they are ready to release cars with voice assistants. Of course, we know the big guys in the voice assistant tech sector: … Read more

The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X

iphone x

Apple iPhone X Tech Specs: The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X came with lots of firsts for the tech giant. “Say hello to the future” was the tagline used by Apple to introduce its fans to the new device and it’s fair to say, we’re in a new era. The iPhone X represents a huge … Read more