How Google Assistant, Alexa, and AI are coming to Your Car

Have we already adapted to Voice Assistants on our gadgets? because things are just about to get serious with the new Google car assistant. At the recently concluded CES 2018, automobile companies announced that they are ready to release cars with voice assistants. Of course, we know the big guys in the voice assistant tech sector: … Read more

VPN Online – Best VPN Online Service Providers of 2018

vpn online

VPN is certainly one of those tech terms you hear a lot when you are around techies. VPN stands for “virtual private networking”, it is a security mechanism on the internet for both public and private networks used to securely send and receive data. Theoretically, all the traffic that passes through a VPN Online connection … Read more

Artificial intelligence – AI | Artificial intelligence future

artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? Over the years, a lot has been done especially in the world of technology to better the standard of living and make life easier and fun. Artificial intelligence has played and is still playing a major role in advancing a better standard of life for so many people. For the newbies, … Read more