How to run Ads on Instagram 2021 – Instagram Advertising for your business

instagram ads

How to run Ads on Instagram – Instagram Ads is definitely the star of social media advertising. It is an effective means of advertising not just on social media but globally because Instagram is linked to Facebook. Facebook has the largest audience online among the social media networks thereby creating exposure for businesses to thrive. … Read more

Pixlr online – Pixlr free online photo editor

pixlr online

Pixlr online is an application used to design and edit photos or pictures at an intermediate level. If you’re in between a learner and professional, this application might just be the right fit for you. With this app, you make a completely new image, add a new picture or use one from the internet and … Read more

How to Exchange Bitcoin for Cash

bitcoin exchange

How to Exchange Bitcoin for Cash – Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for exchange on a worldwide scale. Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and though it was created in 2009. Its popularity gained even more prevalence in 2016/2017 and shoot up bitcoin exchange demand. review how bitcoin exchange is being done in … Read more

Big Data – Big Data Applications | Big Data Architecture

big data

Introduction to big data The term big data is relatively new but has been in use for a while now mostly without a laid down definition for the term. Big data is used to describe a very large data volume, structured and unstructured and cannot be processed by the traditional data processing software. The usefulness … Read more

Canva Graphic Design – Free Graphic Design Website

Canva Graphic Design

The Canva graphic design app is a one-stop application used for creating professional graphics designs contents. Especially for people who are startup entrepreneurs and do not have professional graphic design skills. This app has broken strides and helped a lot of businesses grow in professional brands because of its user-friendly interface and easy to use … Read more