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Chrome Flag Settings – There’s more to your chrome browser than just the basic features you see. All you see is definitely not all you get on your chrome browser.

You can get to see a lot more amazing chrome features through the chrome flag settings. You can modify your chrome browsing experience from basic to a totally awesome level by enabling Chrome flags.

To access these awesome features or tweak your browsing experience, you don’t need to install anything. A secret menu is simply the key to exploring these features.

Chrome has kept it hidden from novice users to avoid them playing with them and causing problems. But we are going to reveal to you how to get to this secret menu and what you get to enjoy when you get there.

Chrome Flag Settings

What Is Chrome Flags and How Do You Get To Them 

Chrome is much more than what you see; it has a list of amazing features that you can access through a backdoor.

This hidden menu has a list of features and settings that can be altered, disabled, or tweaked to give you an amazing chrome experience. And these are known as chrome flags, and they are kept hidden from novice eyes.

You can find these hundreds of features and settings by typing Chrome://flags in the address bar. And this page is accessible on Chrome for mobile, PC, and Mac versions of Chrome.

Chrome flags improve your browsing experience by either completing altering it or just tweaking some settings or features.

If you want to see much more than you have seen on the Chrome browser, you should head to this back door. And you can gain access to some of Chrome’s hidden secrets in the process.

How to Enable & Disable Chrome Flag

Now, you are ready to join the bandwagon of people exploring Chrome’s secrets; you need to know this. Disabling or enabling chrome flags is quite easy, and you can do so on any version of Chrome or any device.

  • To access this secret menu, simply type Chrome://flags in the address bar. Or type chrome://chrome-URLs, then click the Chrome://flags link listed there.
  • You can also get a direct link to a particular flag. Just type the flag you want in the address bar, links for each flag are shown beneath each entry.
  • Then you will get to see lists of flags available for your device under the AVAILABLE tab on the chrome flag menu page. You can’t access flags under the UNAVAILABLE tab.
  • Basic flags have options for disabling or enabling them. There is also a Default option for some flags. However, more complex flags have custom options.
  • To Enable or disable a flag, click the drop-down menu next to the flag. Then you can either choose the ENABLED or DISABLED option.
  • Your Chrome flags will be applied automatically, but you relaunch the browser to see it work.


There are lots of flags you can have access to when you enable chrome flag settings. Group tabs flag, password leak detection flag, parallel downloading flag, extension toolbar flag, and lots more.

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