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Clash Royale Facebook Game – There’s an awesome place on Facebook for individuals who just love playing games, yes! You don’t only have to chat on Facebook or scroll through feeds when you can have a lot more fun with your friends on the platform.

You might have been hearing people talk about the awesome games they have played on Facebook, well, this is quite true, and you are probably missing out if you have not started having as much fun as others playing these awesome games.

Those awesome games you find on Appstore or Google playstore that you probably want to keep playing on your phones but do not have enough space on your mobile phone for all of them. Now you can play them on your facebook, check out friends that are playing as well and connect with more friends to play with you.

The popular games section on the app center of Facebook has varieties of games that you can’t resist; you might even find it hard to leave the platform after seeing and playing the varieties of games there.

Popular games which have been developed by one of the best game developers are right on Facebook, word games, action games, football games and more are all available for you to choose from and challenge friends to play with you.

Clash Royale Facebook Game

However, you need a reliable data connection to enjoy the smooth running of the game and not have it stop from time to time because of poor network connection. However, Facebook becomes a whole new sensational world with its users living in a world of games and finding it hard to leave or perform any other function on the platform.

Now, you can bond with friends more by playing awesome games with them online and never stop having fun together.

Playing Clash Royale Game Online on Facebook

Talk about awesome games; then you probably have to mention Clash Royale with its awesome characters, experiences, awesome locations and fun all packed in one awesome game.

Clash Royale Facebook Game is a multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite clash characters and much more developed by one of the most popular game developers – Supercell. Players are tasked with collecting and upgrading dozen of cards featuring the clash of clans troops, spells and defenses that you need to keep progressing in the game.

You need to play your cards well to protect the Royale: princes, knights, baby dragons and princesses, you have to try as much as possible to knock out enemy kings and queens from their towers to defeat them and win trophies, crowns, and glory in the Arena.

Facebook is the right platform where you can meet just the people you need as team members to enjoy this game and win trophies, or you can also invite friends to play as your opponents to find out who wins.

Clash of Royale has community and fan pages on facebook where you can meet others playing the games and get to know the tricks of the game. You can even find new players on group chats to enjoy the game with you on facebook either as your team members or your opponents, and you guys can have a fun time together.

You can search for the game on your Facebook search bar to find the game’s page on Facebook, where you can learn how to play the game, learn how to manger your resources, read all about cards, arenas and strategies and more.

The pages of the games on your facebook game center have PLAY buttons on them, and you can click it to start playing the game, or you can check out games your friends are playing on INSTANT GAMES section and click the Play button next to it to join friends in playing it. You can also play the game on Facebook by:

  • Visiting the Facebook app center, this would prompt you to log into your facebook account
  • Then click on CLASH OF ROYALES to open the game 0n the page, and then click the PLAY button to start playing the game on Facebook.
  • You would be prompted to invite your friends to play the game with you on facebook; you can find out which of your friends are playing the games too.


You can have so much fun on facebook once you start playing this game on Facebook that you might find it hard to leave the platform, but it is more fun when you can play with friends.

There are varieties of game to play with friends, most of the games require you to send invites to your friends to join you in playing the game on the platform, and there’s no dull moment once you start playing.

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