Cloud Computing services and their advantages

Cloud computing is the process of storing data and programs and accessing them primarily over the Internet. This totally means having the contents (work-related, social related, sensitive and non-sensitive) of your hard drive on the internet for ease of access.

This service brings all computing services ranging from servers, storage, databases, network, software, business analytics, etc. to its everyday users. One doesn’t just get on with cloud computing, there are companies who bring these services to the everyday users. These companies are called cloud providers and they charge their clients based on usage of these services.

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing types occur based on cloud location, or service being offered.

When it is occurring based on location it can be of the following: Private, Hybrid, Public, or Community. But when it is based off service being offered, it is; Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Storage, Database, Information, Process, Application, Integration, Security, Management, Testing-as-a-service.

This type of computing eliminates having to bother about running programs that your computer power can’t carry. You just need to register with one of the cloud providers and they will share resources with you through a remote machine.

With such syncing in place, you don’t bother about losing the quality of performance. You also save some expenses that can be incurred on support for IT. You can run applications without having to acquire them first off, store the data, and use a server system, all over the internet “the cloud”.

cloud computing

Features of Cloud Computing

Since this is a service that can’t be overlooked in the IT sector which is an ever increasing market. It is of importance that the features of cloud technology be looked at in order to enhance knowledge of how it helps your business expand. Though there are different perspectives to view this service, the focus rests most times solely on cost benefits, security, and privacy. This is how cloud computing helps your business grow.

  1. Resource Pitch In: Resources are united dynamically and made available for a large number of users upon demand without actual knowledge of where these resources itself resides
  2. Request Service: Allows users be in control in areas like building, deploying, managing, and scheduling their work. Solely a self-service option, there’s still room for on-demand processes
  3. Pricing: You have control over cost as the billing occurs based on resources used. It also has options that allow for monitoring information for accurate billing.
  4. Quality of Service: Provides the best services, resources, and performance for businesses and individuals alike

Advantages of cloud computing

The advantages of cloud computing are huge and incredible, however, it varies based on the size and type of business utilizing it. It also varies based on industry and the level of transformation your business is at. The cloud plays a major role in helping decision-makers with business growth. The following are some advantages of cloud computing;

  • The cloud helps startups save cost. This is done by allowing them leverage on the power and robustness of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure even without having the capital needed. Its pay-as-you-go model helps you control costs.
  • The cloud creates a secure environment needed for your business to thrive.
  • And for large enterprises who face the complex challenges of ensuring the availability of their websites as a result of high traffic demand, the cloud helps them with that problem.
  • Cloud computing gives you the leeway to focus on running your business while it seamlessly handles your IT.

Switching to cloud computing requires a good understanding of how your business grows. With this automotive process and aids for smarter decisions. Extensive knowledge of the features will give a better advantage with the negotiation of the price of service.

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