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Cloud IP android Camera App – IP Cameras are increasing in popularity, and almost every homeowner or business owner is eager to own one. IP camera is one of the best home security devices. With an IP camera you can have access to live feed and footage of your home or business.

Now, an IP camera cloud storage enables you to have access to camera recordings of your environment. The IP camera cloud storage stores your encrypted IP camera recordings in a cloud server using an internet connection.

This enables you to view, playback, delete and download camera recordings from your IP cloud as long as there is an internet connection. IP cloud storage makes it simple and convenient for you to store video recordings and live feeds on your IP camera cloud server.

It is one thing to have an IP camera for your home security, and it is another to monitor activities around your home from anywhere. IP camera apps make it quite easy for you to monitor your surroundings conveniently through your smartphone.

So, if you are looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of monitoring your home security from any place of your choice, then you need to check out this list.

Cloud IP android Camera App

Top Cloud IP Camera App for Android

You can enjoy the benefits of mobile security camera monitoring on your Android device by checking out any of the following apps:

  • Smartvue: Smartvue Android app is another awesome IP camera app with amazing features. With smartvue, you can view your camera on- the- go, playback archived feeds, monitor multiple cameras at once. You can also swipe the screen to change cameras, control PTZ cameras, and more.
  • Optica: This is one of the leading manufacturers of HD (High Definition) IP cameras. It offers HD mobile apps designed for Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. OpticaMobile app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, while OpticaMobile HD works with iPad. This app offers amazing features that make it easy for you to monitor camera recordings on-the-go. It includes amazing features like Quad-view, bookmarking, live video streams, and audio, snapshots, and PTZ control of Optica’s P218Z speed dome. The app has awesome features to provide users with amazing experiences with the app.
  • Milestone: This is another amazing IP camera app with a whole lot of features users have been raving about. It is one of the leading video development software management. The amazing aspect of this app is that you can view and manage multiple cameras at once. Other important features include Video push, compatibility with Wi-fi, snapshots sharing. It also has control of inputs and outputs, control of PTZ cameras and others.
  • Vivotek: iViewer Lite is another Android camera viewer app from Vivotek that enables you to monitor your home security anywhere you are. This app allows for video snapshots, PTZ via touchscreen. It has Single-channel playback by search, switching of live video for different display options, and more.
Cloud IP android Camera App


There are other amazing IP camera viewers’ app for Android devices such as Vmobile manufactured by QNAP. There’s also MobileFocus and MobileFocusPlus manufactured by Everfocus. Now, you can view and manage camera recordings on your mobile device.

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