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COVID-19 Vaccine Timeline – More than ever before, biotech and research institutes are working round the clock to help develop a vaccine for the treatment of the COVID-19 disease.

For someone who doesn’t know yet, the covid19 disease is a serious pandemic. It has affected the whole world and has also claimed lots of lives around the world.

According to Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – the COVID19 vaccine could take about 12 to 18 months to develop, test, and approve for the general public use.

But vaccines typically take years to earn approval, and this leads to the question – can we really expect a covid19 vaccine to be ready this year?

The first-ever COVID19 vaccine to enter clinical trials in the U.S. uses a Q-Genetic molecule called mRNA as its base. Scientists generate the mRNA in the lab, and instead of directly injecting SARS–COV2 into patients, they introduced the mRNA.

COVID-19 Vaccine Timeline

By design, the vaccine should prompt human cells to build proteins found on the virus surface. This triggers a protective immune response against the coronavirus disease. Other groups aim to use other genetic materials like the RNA and DNA to build similar vaccines that would interfere with an earlier step in the protein construction process.

But there’s one big hurdle for mRNA vaccines, so we can’t be sure it works perfectly on humans.

As of now, no covid19 vaccine built from a germs genetic material has ever earned approval. Bert Jacobs, a professor of virology at Arizona start University, and member of the ASU Bio design institute and centre for immune therapy told live science in a public interview.

According to the world health organization, over 60 candidates’ vaccines are now in development worldwide. However, several have entered early clinical trials in human volunteers.

Designing a vaccine that grants immunity and causes minimal side effects is no simple task. A coronavirus vaccine, in particular, poses its own unique challenges.

Although scientists did create candidate vaccines for the coronavirus SARS—COV2 and MERS—COV. These did not exit clinical trials or enter public use. Partly because of lack of resources.

What is the COVID-19 Vaccine Timeline and When are we getting the covid19 vaccine?

Some scientists and experts told live science that for any other vaccines, the covid19 timeline would be an unrealistic idea. But given the current pressure to stave off the pandemic, a covid19 vaccine could be ready sooner. This is as long as scientists and agencies prove willing to take a few shortcuts to develop the covid19 vaccine timeline.

According to Dale Fisher, chairperson of the world health organization global outbreak alert and response network about the COVID-19 Vaccine Timeline. “We are most likely not to see a covid19 vaccine until the end of 2021. This is because of page two and three trials that are necessary to guarantee both safety and efficacy. There’s also urgent need to ramp up production and distribution.”

Although rumors have it that Madagascar now has a vaccine that treats the covid19 disease in humans. We all hope that the above statements about the vaccine is genuine and 100% active.

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