Facebook Survey | How to Create a Poll on Facebook Timeline

Facebook Survey – There are over one billion users on Facebook which means it can serve as a great platform for surveys. Facebook users cut across individuals of different demographics, both young, old and individuals of various age categories; this means Facebook can be used to get responses from a wide range of demographic options.

So, surveys are now created and posted on Facebook, creating an Avenue for people to give their opinions about a particular brand or business or issue. Furthermore, if you intend to create a Facebook survey post to get to know people’s opinions about your business or brand, then you need to pay close attention to this article.

Create Facebook Survey

How to Create Facebook Survey on Desktop

You can create a survey on Facebook through the Facebook website or the Facebook app. To create a survey through the Facebook website, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to login to your Facebook account through any browser of your choice
  • Click the three-dot icon which is below the Make a Post option, close to the News Feed. This will open a new window
  • Click POLL, this option is below WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Option
  • Then you can create your poll questions by typing the questions on your Main Status bar.
  • Then enter your first poll answer by clicking the OPTION 1 and typing the accurate answer on the option one text box. It is important to know that your answer must be under 25 characters in length.
  • Click the Option 2 link to enter the second poll answer.
  • You can enter photos if you like by clicking the PHOTO icon at the right side of your first answer, then select a photo and repeat the same steps for option two answer.
  • Your poll will be active for one week by default, but you change the time span if you want by selecting a different time frame. You can create a custom time span by clicking CUSTOM; then you can choose the day you want the poll to end.
  • Once you are done setting up your poll, you can click the Blue POST link at the bottom of the window. This will post the poll on your profile.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Timeline

To create Facebook surveys on your Facebook app just follow these steps:

  • Tap to open the Facebook app on your device, to log into your account.
  • Tap the WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND text box which is below the Newsfeed page.
  • The status bar will open, Scroll down and click on POLL
  • Then tap on the ASK A QUESTION…text box to type in poll questions.
  • Now type in the question you want on the text box
  • Then you can add your first poll answer by tapping OPTION 1; you can then type in the answer you want people to select. Then do the same for your option 2.
  • If you wish to add photos to your answer, click the ADD PHOTO option at the right side of your answer, then click UPLOAD PHOTO and select photos from your camera roll.
  • You change the time span of the poll by tapping the POLL ENDS drop-down box before selecting the time frame you want. Or you can choose the specific time you want by clicking the CUSTOM option.
  • Then tap SHARE or POST to post the poll on your Facebook profile.