A Step By Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Facebook Ads For Your Business

As a business owner, to neglect the huge potentials of Facebook ads as part of your social media campaign strategy can prove very costly. Facebook is, without a doubt, the largest and one of the most interactive social media platform. It’s been estimated that every 5 minutes, at least 1 person in the US visits either Facebook or Instagram on their mobile device. 500 million people use Instagram alone every day! The records are there for all to see that Facebook presents an incredible platform for both large and small business owners to meet, interact and convert new customers. Most people have Facebook accounts but if you truly desire to reach a wide target audience then you definitely need to consider using Facebook ads.

A Facebook ad campaign is absolutely a great way to reach your target audience fast regardless of demography and location. Facebook has the reach and the platform for you to explore this opportunity. You can get started on Facebook ads with any budget. You can easily connect the ad campaign across to your Instagram account.

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In this post, tecrada.com will share with you all the key info you need about Facebook paid advertising and possibly help you get your campaign up and running.

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Things you need to have before your Facebook ad

Before you start off your FB ads, you need to set out your objectives and know your budget, the following are important things you must consider;

  • You must first consider your business goals, do you really know a paid Facebook ad? And it’s possible impact on your earnings and you must note that while Facebook ads are very effective, it doesn’t really work for all businesses.
  • Who is your target audience? Who are the people you really want to pass this message/content to? What is your target demography? These are questions you must answer before you get started.
  • You must know your budget, Facebook ads run daily, weekly and monthly each with a varying budget. Thus, you must match your budget to the FB ad duration.
  • Set your objectives; do you want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want to broadcast your brand awareness? Or maybe you want folks to download your app, Facebook ads provide all options for you.
  • You need photos or videos to feature in your ad to get a successful Facebook ads. So find the best images or videos that best represent your business brand.

Step By Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Facebook Ads

Now, after you’ve gotten all the above requirements, visit the Facebook Ads Manager tool to get started with your Facebook ad campaign.

  • The Facebook adverts manager can also be located by clicking the “Manage Ads” option. This is seen in the drop-down menu of your Facebook profile.
  • While there, you’ll be requested to choose your FB ads campaign objective. It brings out 15 options for you to select one, carefully go through it and select the one that best suits your business goal.
  • The next step is to define your target audience and budget for the ad campaign. Here you’ll set the location, age grade, gender, language, interests and online behavior of your target audience. By narrowing your reach, you’ll maximize the ad impact. So as we’ve already advised, get all these ready before starting so it becomes easy for you. Afterward, you then need to set your budget which can be set to daily or lifetime limits. The daily budget is how much you intend to spend each day while the lifetime budget is the max you’re willing to spend for the total duration of the Facebook advert.
  • Then, the next step is the actual ad creation. At this stage, you get to select the images or video you intend to use for the ad campaign. The ad headline, body text and insert every message you want to pass on to your audience. However, note that they are two ways to go about FB ads creation, the first option is using an existing post; this might be any post you’ve already share on your Facebook profile or Facebook Page. Then the second option is to create a brand new ad post. Which is very easy as they are tools already there to guide you through this.
  • You now need to choose your ads placements, this means choosing the locations your ad will appear in your ad post. Although it’s advisable to use Facebook’s default placement, however, if you want to use a custom placement you are free to do so.
  • Finally, it’s now time to place your order and get your FB ads campaign running. To do this, click the place order button and then your ad will be submitted. Facebook will then review your ad before it goes live on the platform and you’ll receive an email confirmation that your ad is live.


In conclusion, Facebook ads are a vital aspect of business outreach. As a small business owner, this can drastically improve your client base and skyrocket your returns. Like we’ve said earlier, you can invest in these now with any budget. Using the Facebook adverts manager tool is very easy and straightforward. If you are currently struggling to get your business going, Facebook ads is an option worth trying. It literally takes less than nothing to do this. You don’t need to be or consult an expert to get it done. Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll find this to be a useful guide to getting your ad campaign started on Facebook. We’ll be glad to hear from you regarding the impact on your business.

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