Cutting Cable Cords | Should I cut the cord on cable TV? | Is streaming cheaper than cable?

Are you fed up with the cost and limitations of using Cable Tv, and you are ready to cut the cable cords? Or are you considering using other streaming platforms? Then you need to know some essential tips for cutting cable cords.

Since you have decided to cut the cable cords, you are probably considering alternative video streaming platforms. Alternative platforms for video streaming include Live Tv and on-demand streaming platforms.

While Live TV offers the same content, traditional cable Tv offers only that it does so through an internet connection. On-demand streaming platforms offer varieties of TV shows and movies that you can watch wherever and whenever you want. However, Live TV offers a line-up of channels families, or sports fans are attached to.

Deciding to cut the cords has its own advantages such as the cut down in cost, access to new & original shows, streaming your videos wherever you find yourself, and others. However, cutting the cords is not just a decision you jump into; you need to do some research to find the right alternatives to Cable TV.

Cutting your Cable TV Cords

Tips for Cutting your Cable TV Cords

If you are tired of browsing through hundreds of channels on your Cable Tv only to be bored with the content, you find. Then, it is time you considered the following tips for enjoying fantastic content without putting up with Cable TV.

  • Decide if you want an Antenna for Live TV or a streaming service. Now, you need to ensure the channels are available in your area before purchasing just any antenna. An antenna can give you access to stations like CBS, PBS, ABC, and NBC. Getting an HD antenna is one of the cheapest and simplest ways of gaining access to news, sports channels, and maybe some entertainment networks.
  • Cable replacement services such as AT&T TV, sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV offer you the channels you watch on Cable TV. The only difference is that you get to stream content over an internet connection.
  • Check the lineup of channels to decide if it is what you want. You need to verify which channels in each TV service provider are available in your locations. Streaming platforms like YouTube TV and Hulu+ Live TV offer entertainment networks and sports channels.
  • Choose the device for streaming on your TV: Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV stock are great devices for this.
  • You also have to choose the streaming service of your choice. Streaming services like Sling, YouTube Live, Hulu Live and Direct Tv can offer you more TV options than you can get with an antenna.  
  • Choose On-demand streaming platforms you want. Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, HBO, Disney plus, Apple TV+, AMC, and others offer a variety of contents you would definitely love. Streaming platforms may cost just as much as cable TV, but you can decide to subscribe to the specific content you enjoy.


Since you have decided to ditch cable TV, you should try the tips above to continue enjoying amazing content on your TV and other devices.

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