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Dating On Facebook Canada – Online dating is no longer a new thing; in fact, it fast becoming a trend for people to find their soul mates online.

And Facebook rather makes this easy, it is free, and it also has features that enable users to find singles and start dating on the platform.

There are lots of Facebook dating groups available for users to find partners of their choice, and it is quite easy to do so.

Dating On Facebook Canada

How to Join Facebook Canada Dating Groups

If you are looking for Canada dating groups on Facebook, there are lots of them, and you can follow these steps to join them.

  • First, you have to search for the groups on Facebook search bar using the right keywords.
  • You have to select then the dating group you want to join from the search results.
  • You can scan through dating groups to find out what kind of groups they are and what kind of individuals make up the membership.
  • If you find one appealing to you just click the JOIN NOW option to become part of the group.
  • And after you become a member, you can start sending messages to members and adding individuals you like to your personal account.

How to Find Singles on Facebook Canada

  • To proceed, you first need to set up your profile photo. This will help make your profile more appealing, and then you can start searching for singles that will meet your taste.
  • Check out PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW option on Facebook; you are likely to find someone of interest, send them request, once they accept you can start chatting with them.
  • Join dating groups to find singles available in your location.
  • Then use the ‘Discover People’ feature that makes it possible for you to get a list of people in your local community that are attending a specific event. Once you register on the discover page, you can have access to a list of events in your location and people going to such events. You can meet up singles in such events and probably start dating them if they are interested in you.
  • The Facebook dating feature is yet to be available in many regions; however, for those who are in areas where it is available, this is probably the best way to date on Facebook. You can find singles when you start using this feature, and you can even start a meaningful relationship with them.


Facebook has quite good features that makes it easy to find people to date on the platform.

It’s totally free, and you can explore your choices by checking out the list of platforms on Facebook we have shown you.

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