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Dropbox is a private company which provides file hosting service. The name of the American built company is Dropbox, Inc. and has been in operation since mid-2007 (specifically in the month of June). Dropbox App is also available for mobile users and for PCs as well. The program was written in Python and runs on several operating systems which include;

Sincerely speaking, the Drop box has aided a lot of persons that needed the services they offer. It is widely spreading and is available in 17 languages including; English, Brazilian, French, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, German, Chinese, Korean and most of the widely spoken languages. This service was created by two bright MIT students whose names are; Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston. This company is devoted to delivering File hosting and Cloud storage services to their customers.

Dropbox App

Dropbox App

Dropbox has its own app which comes with different features. Although, in time past, the company has dropped down some of their apps like; Carousel and Mailbox. But still, they have others pushing forward with developments like; ‘Dropbox Paper’.

The Dropbox App designed by this company helps users upload photos and videos automatically from their devices, SD cards, and camera. All of these forms from which videos and photos can be uploaded have their required storage space and the great thing is that users are given free storage space. Also, we have a feature called ‘Streaming Sync’. It is specifically for computer apps and if improves the time at which large files are being uploaded. Dropbox has a lot beyond words.

How Dropbox App Works

Dropbox App is of great merit to its users who are digitalized because not every service provider does what they do. I just gave you a hint of what it is about in our first header but to elaborate, the service provider offers File synchronization, Cloud storage, Client software and Personal cloud to their clients.

For you to access this, the Dropbox designs a unique folder on the user’s Personal computer (PC). After this, the contents become intertwined to the servers of this service and then to the gadgets of the user which has the software installed in it. Now to enlightening you more on this, am going to discuss with you the different Dropbox packages;

  • Dropbox Basic – In this package, users are given a free 2GB storage space for their contents
  • And also, Dropbox Plus – This package is advanced with additional benefits like; remote wipe, sharing controls etc. Mind you, it also gives users a 1 terabyte storage space

To access this, users need to subscribe and it is of interest for users to know that every package has its own amount. And you surely should know that the Plus package is more expensive than the Basic package and I explained the reason above. But for those of you who cannot access any, you can try out the Freemium business model. In this package, users are given a free account which comes with a particular storage size and paid subscriptions. Interesting right?

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