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Facebook Auction Near Me | How Does Facebook Auction Work | Facebook Ad Auction

Facebook Auction Near Me – You may have heard so much about Facebook ad, but can you really talk about Facebook ad without talking about Facebook auction system.

The Facebook auction is the decision-making process. Facebook goes through it before determining which advertiser get a particular ad space.

It’s very important for you to know what Facebook auction is all about if you intend to advertise better on the platform and keep reaching your target audience.

We can’t deny that Facebook ad is one of the best tools for advertising on the platform to create awareness for your business and reach your target audience.

But Facebook ads are bought and approved by Facebook before you can get use them. If you have not been getting approval from Facebook to run ads, then you probably need to learn about Facebook ad choosing system which is Facebook auction system.

Facebook auction system determines if your ad gets approved and how much it would cost you to run ads on the platform. So, you really need to know about Facebook auction system to help better understand how Facebook ad works.

Facebook Auction Near Me

How does Facebook Auction Work?

Facebook auction determines which advertiser gets a specific ad space, remember there are lots of advertisers probably in need of the same ad space you want.

So, how does Facebook tackle this problem of choosing the right advertiser? Well, the ad auction system is its way of doing so.

Certain factors are taken into consideration during ad auctioning, which you should pay attention to:

  • Bidding Price: Facebook takes into consideration how much an advertiser is willing to pay for ad space. The higher the price an advertiser pays, the higher his chances of being chosen. Bidding price determines which advertiser gets to be the right one but to a certain extent. However, it is not the only or major determining factor for who gets a particular ad space. But it is often advised to have to pay the price that can compete with that of other advertisers because this might disqualify you.
  • Ad Quality and Relevance to the target audience: Facebook as a platform always endeavors to promote high-quality contents that its users will love. So, Facebook weighs your ad to find out its relevance to the target audience; if ad relevance outweighs that of others, you are likely to be selected as the winner. So, when next you are creating your ad, put your audience into consideration and create ads that will interest them.
  • Estimated Action Rate: This determines how many people in your target audience are willing to respond to your ad. So, Facebook ensures that your ad appears on the timeline of these users for them to click and view your ad.

These are important factors that play important roles in Facebook auction system. However, of all these factors, Ad quality and relevance play the most powerful roles.

Poor ads will probably get users to spend less time on Facebook and complain about the platform. Facebook doesn’t intend to lose its users. Therefore it puts its users into consideration first.

Facebook Auction Near Me

These factors are what Facebook considers first before deciding the total value score of each ad submitted by advertisers. If your total value score is high, then you will be chosen as the highest bidder.

Remember, when your ad has low quality, users will probably block your ad, which increases the cost of Facebook running your ad on their platform.

Do not also forget that the bidding price is quite an important aspect of the Facebook auction system.

If you can put these factors into consideration, you will learn the best strategies to use for your ad campaigns.


Facebook auction system affects your marketing strategies; it determines if your ad gets to run on the platform. And if your ad gets to run on the platform, this means you get to reach your target audience as well as expand your business.

The reason why your ads have not been approved by Facebook is probably that you have not met their ad campaign requirements.

Since we have taken time to point out the essential aspects you need to know about the Facebook auctioning system, this means you should probably know the area of your shortcoming and create better ads that will be approved by Facebook.

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