Facebook Avatar Creator App for iOS and Android | Create Avatar from Photo on Facebook

Facebook Avatar Creator App for iOS and Android – Facebook avatar is a brand new exciting feature from Facebook; it comes as part of the recent Facebook update for users.

Facebook avatars are designed to keep users glued and entertained on the Facebook platform. The Facebook free avatar images are basically cartoon images of a user, created via the Facebook avatar creator app.

What are Facebook avatars?

Facebook avatar has recently become trendy mostly among Facebook younger user demographic, and it’s definitely a fun way for users to connect and recreate themselves using Facebook avatar maker. The idea is to create free avatars of yourself with whatever design you would like it to carry.

Furthermore, Facebook avatars are somewhat like the Facebook Bitmoji, which most users already use to by now.

Facebook Avatar Creator App for iOS and Android

Facebook Avatar creator App

If you are already a fan of Snapchat or the Facebook Bitmoji, then you are going to enjoy using this 3D avatar creator from Facebook. Facebook avatar creator works on all updated version of the Facebook platform, including mobile and desktop options. It is also available on the latest version of the Facebook messenger app.

You can create avatar from photo you already have on your Facebook profile, or you can also take the long way and create a brand new Facebook avatar of yourself from scratch, this option gives you better control of the Facebook avatar app.

How to Start Creating a free Facebook Avatar

Using the Facebook avatar generator is pretty much straightforward. All you have to do to get started is follow the instructions as lead out below:

  1. First, you need a Facebook account, most people already have it, but if you don’t then open a new Facebook account here.
  2. If you already have a Facebook account, then the next step would be to confirm if your app is up-to-date because the Facebook avatar feature is only available on updated versions of the Facebook app and messenger app
  3. Now on your mobile facebook app, click the options button on the right-hand corner (it is the three-line button)
  4. When you click the above, you’ll see your options like your profile, videos etc., scroll down and click see more
  5. Then the avatar option should appear there and from there, proceed to create whichever avatar image you like

And that’s all, the process is very straightforward and lets you get the best experience from the Facebook platform.

Finally, remember that the Facebook avatar feature is only available on the updated versions of the Facebook app. We also understand that Facebook is rolling out these updates in phases so if you can’t find the Facebook avatar creator yet on your Facebook app even when updated then please be patient, you’ll get it soon. Meanwhile, if you’ve already seen the feature on your Facebook app, then go ahead and enjoy it.

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