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Facebook Careers – Over two billion people in the world use Facebook to connect with friends, family, to express themselves and draw the world closer to them.

Facebook encourages people to build their own community and interact easily with others by sharing their ideas and special moments with people that really matter.

Facebook has evolved over time, creating new features to make the platform more awesome, with proficiency driven at attaining to the needs of their users.

Furthermore, Facebook has created a space for users to find jobs and careers of their choice and also gives companies the opportunity to post jobs for suitable applicants to discover and apply.

Facebook careers contain information about job openings, employees’ stories, insights into teams and their initiatives and participants get to discuss career-related issues.

Facebook Careers

How to Post Jobs on Facebook

Facebook has a large customer base and if you are not using this platform as an employer for recruiting job applicants then you are missing out on a good opportunity.

A high percentage of users on Facebook are job seekers which makes Facebook a good place to find applicants suitable for jobs.

So, it is often a good idea to start up a career page on Facebook and post jobs from time to time for interested candidates to apply.

  • To start posting jobs through Facebook, you can post them on your personal timeline for interested applicants to message you privately.
  • If you already have a business page, you can create job postings by clicking on the status updater tool on your page, this will make the job posting tab to appear alongside your page. Now, job applicants can then apply by clicking on the APPLY NOW link.
  • You can use Facebook paid adverts to attract more users to your job postings, this will also help you to reach your target audience with ease. Facebook paid ads help you reach individuals who are likely to respond to your post or people who fit into the kind of audience you are looking for.
  • You can also post job adverts on Facebook groups, these groups should be professional groups that fit into your niche.
  • You can also post job adverts on the Facebook careers page and share important information concerning job opportunities. This careers page can be your company’s business page, keep the page active and attractive to both active and passive job seekers.
  • You can also send private messages to your Facebook contacts, you might find interested job seekers that suit the kind of qualities you want.

How to Run a Successful Facebook Career Page

Facebook is a social media platform where lots of people visit to interact with others in the world, but it is a good platform for recruiting suitable candidates for certain jobs.

Creating a job career page is the first step to reaching out to job applicants, and to run this page effectively you need to pay close attention to these tips.

  • Post regularly on your page, use Facebook insights to find the right time of the day to drive up the engagement on your page.
  • Give your audience a timely response to keep your page active and to engage your audience effectively. Respond to the questions and queries of your audience at the right time.
  • Then, share relevant content to keep your audience informed at all times.
  • Check out tips used by successful career pages. This will help inform you of what steps to follow in boosting your Facebook Careers page.
  • Share office photos or pictures of staff to show the human side of your brand. Let your audience get to know the individuals behind the brand and their achievements in their areas of work.


In conclusion, Facebook is a great place to connect with lots of individuals, as an employer. You should take advantage of Facebook to reach out to job applicants suitable for your job openings.

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