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The Facebook app has gone global; now it has introduced yet another awesome feature that enables users to purchase items on the platform and even gives gift cards to their friends on the platform.

There are lots of gift cards available that make purchases easy within an app; now Facebook gift card has been introduced for users to do the same on the platform. You can buy Facebook ads, items through Facebook stores for your favorite app and game.  

We already know that Facebook games and Facebook apps are fun but sometimes you get stuck in a particular level and you need to purchase certain items or coins to continue enjoying the games or apps.

Having to go through the process of using credit cards or debit cards to make purchases might seem like a long process. To avoid these processes the best way to make purchases is to use gift cards which is easier and faster.

Facebook Gift Cards

Using the Facebook Gift Cards

With your Facebook gift cards, it is quite easy and fast to buy items on your favorite Facebook apps and Facebook games; they serve as alternative payment methods for purchasing items, Facebook ads, and games on the platform.

Sometimes you just want to play more games with your friends on the platform. Or speed up your progress in games or just unlock certain levels. If you do not wish to do so with your credit cards, your gift cards are the perfect option for you to buy the items you need for your games and apps.

Facebook gift cards are usually the easiest options for making purchases on your Facebook; you can purchase gift cards online through Amazon, PayPal, Wal-Mart, and others or via Facebook stores.

With your Facebook gift cards, you can purchase as many items as possible and sometimes Facebook ads at Facebook stores. Facebook gift cards are to be activated at the stores you bought them before you can make use of them on the platform.

Once you have purchased the gift cards, you can view your balance on your Facebook account, or you will see a pop-up notification showing you how much gift card balance you have.

You have to bear in mind that your Facebook gift cards can be used for making purchases on Facebook but cannot be redeemed as cash. Also, you can purchase gift cards by clicking the Facebook gift cards link on the app center page, click the link at the bottom of the left sidebar you will be taken to a page where you can redeem your gift card. You can choose to buy in physical stores that sell Facebook gift cards, or you can buy it online.

How to Redeem Your Facebook Gift Card

If you don’t have a credit card to pay with, you can use your gift cards to buy items for your games and favorite app.  If you already have a gift card and you wish to redeem it for your game app or ad, we will walk you through the steps of redeeming your gift cards:

  • Visit the Facebook gift card redemption page; you can redeem your gift card through this website
  • Once on the site click on the REDEEM CODE link
  • Scratch the game card carefully to reveal the code and avoid scraping off one the letters or numbers on the code
  • On the reveal code screen, enter the code on the text box on the page, then click REDEEM
  • Then select a currency to convert the gift card value to your local currency
  • Then click CONTINUE, your Facebook will be credited with the value of your gift card, now it is quite easy to make purchases on the platform with your Facebook gift card available balance on your account. With your Facebook gift cards purchasing items on the platform is just a few fingertips away.
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