Facebook Group Badges List – Facebook Badges are there to help you acknowledge members of a particular group you belong to. Facebook badges are put in place to foster better understanding and communication amongst group members. 

Getting to know members of a group is a very important step to building a community, and Facebook Badges helps achieve this. 

With Facebook badges, new members can identify fellow group members since badges appear next to a member’s name, Facebook profile, or when they make a post or comment. 

Facebook badges also help admins and moderators in identifying new members and key contributors to the group. Now, let’s look at Facebook Badges List:

Facebook Group Badges List

What Are the List Top Facebook Group Badges?

  • Admin and Moderator

This Facebook badge is for identifying the group leaders so new members can know who is in charge of the group. This helps in the moderation of the group and also keeps the platform engaging and safe.

  • New Member 

This badge is for members of the group who have joined the group within the last two weeks. This is a good way to welcome new members and make them feel at home. And other members of the group can easily identify with them and foster relationships with them.

  • Group Anniversary

The group anniversary badge is used to celebrate how much time a member has invested in your group. This is a good way to appreciate members for their contributions to the group. This badge appears on the anniversary of the day a member joined the group.

  • Conversation Starter

This is a great way to identify active members in the group, and the badge will appear next to members who start meaningful conversations. Members with posts that receive the most likes and comments in the past month will be awarded this badge.

Facebook Group Badges
  • Founding Member

This badge is awarded to users who have contributed to helping the group grow. Members who joined within the first three days of the group’s creation invite people to join, write a post, or share with the group within the first three days are awarded this badge.

  • Conversation Booster

 This badge is awarded to members who make comments that people find valuable. It is simply a way to recognize people who frequently boost conversations by encouraging other members to contribute more.

  • Visual Storyteller

This badge will appear for members whose unique contributions encourage people to contribute to the community. This Facebook badge is used to identify members who share photos or videos that group members find valuable.

  • Greeter

This badge recognizes members who frequently respond to new member’s posts and comments. These members provide new members with information that makes them feel welcomed and part of the group.

  • Link Curator

The link Curator badge appears next to members who share quality and topic-relevant news, which members find valuable. This external quality content shared by these members receives many reactions and comments, which makes the Link Curator worthy of the badge.

  • Rising Star

This badge is used to recognize new members that contribute to the group within their first month. And the badge is given to new members who receive the most comments and reactions on their posts and comments.

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