The Facebook Mobile App has made it even more fun to interact and connect with friends on Facebook. Mobile applications make our mobile devices interesting. Apart from sending text, and making calls technology has advanced to the point, we can perform varieties of functions with our mobile devices.

As we know Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world that connects millions of people all over the world. Trust me everyone wants to have a Facebook app on their phones because, without it, your mobile device is either empty or boring.

Interacting and connecting with people with ease is not the only function of the Facebook mobile app. This app also acts as storage for our photos, and we can easily retrieve them by clicking the save photo option. The mobile app makes it easy for users to shares pictures and videos with friends.

The incredible Facebook experience this app gives is something that cannot be denied. The various features enable individuals to navigate through friends’ posts, news feed, update status and upload photos. And also interact with a whole lot of people and keep up with new events taking place all over the world.

Facebook Mobile App

Features Of Facebook Mobile App

  • For quick access to different varieties of functions on the Facebook app, Facebook has placed icons on one convenient screen. By simply tapping on any of the icons you can access any function you want. You can view your news feed, profile, messages, and notifications.
  • Viewing and liking posts are also made easier; you can like a post by clicking the like button, express yourself with emojis by holding the like icon till the one you want pops up. You can comment on a post by clicking the plus sign.
  • The CHECK IN feature enables you to locate places close to you through your GPS location. You can even have a list of starred friends that you can check in with.
  • Updating your status is easy too, the write up WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND is one of the first things that you see when you log in your Facebook mobile app. You can simply tap the box next to it and update your status with either a write-up or pictures about your day.
  • The DIRECT icon gives you the opportunity to record live videos of yourself for your friend’s view. The edit option allows you to edit your posts before posting. The delete option will enable you to delete a post you don’t wish to be on your timeline. Privacy settings also allow you to determine whether public or just your friends can view your status.

More Features Of the Facebook Mobile App

  • The news feed icon enables you to navigate through different stories and news updates. You can easily refresh your news feed by dragging your screen with your thumb. Your notifications are below the screen and enable you to view posts you are tagged in and other updates.
  • Then, you can watch streaming live videos on Facebook and keep in touch with trending happenings all over the world no matter your location. You can get updates about your favorite celebrities, artists, sports, new sources just by following or liking their posts.
  • And also, you can tap any of your friend’s photo to see a slideshow of their posts.


In summary, the Facebook app features act as a link to web features that enable users to perform a wide range of functions with their app.

Your Facebook experience is made an exciting one with the use of the Facebook mobile app. With the Facebook app features, you are sure to have fun on the social media platform.

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