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Facebook has become much more than a platform where people chat, share photos and videos or simply scroll through feeds. It has become a more powerful platform which now also serves as an online payment platform, which means you can send and receive money right on the platform. Now, you no longer have to go through a bank transaction method to send money to friends or loved ones who are a distance away from you when you can do so on Facebook. This article will show you how to use the Facebook payment system.

You might be wondering why send or receive money on Facebook? Well, this is because it is quite easy, fast and also secured to send and receive money on the platform. And since most people spend more time on Facebook than on other online payment platforms, it is quite easy and quick for them to get transactions done without leaving Facebook.

Facebook has introduced this payment system for faster and easier ways for users to perform transactions on Facebook. Facebook payment option is yet another feature of this platform that enables users to send, receive money and pay for the transaction on the platform.

Facebook Messenger Payment System

You just need to set up your Facebook messenger to enable you to perform this function with just simple taps of your finger from your comfort zone. You need also have your debit card details attached to your Facebook messenger to enable you to send or receive money easily; if this is not done, it will be rather difficult for you to enjoy this service.

So, before you set out to send money to a friend, make sure he/she has a debit card linked to his Facebook account for the smooth running of this service.

Facebook Payment system Help

If you have any issue pertaining to Facebook payment system, you can visit the Facebook help center to seek solutions to your problems. But we can also help you with solutions to problems people often encounter while using Facebook payment system.

How to Cancel Transaction after Sending Money

If you accidentally send money to a person in a message and the money has been transferred out of your account, it is unlikely that you will get it back. After the transaction, your money is automatically transferred to the recipient.

However, if they do not have a debit card linked to their Facebook messenger yet and the money is not accepted after 7 days, your money will be automatically sent back to you. But if they do have a debit card linked to it, they will surely receive the money; you might have to ask them to decline the money for it to be sent back to you.

If they refuse and have a debit card linked to the Facebook messenger, there’s no way the transaction will be canceled. You just have to be extra careful about whom you send money; because once you send it, you can’t retrieve it back unless the offer is declined. You also need to have a pin only you can access which you make use of while making payments on the platform.


If the money you sent is not received by your friend or family member you send it to, it could either be they do not have debit cards linked to their Facebook messenger, or they declined the offer. But if they wish to accept the money, they have up to 14 days to get their debit cards linked to the Facebook messenger to receive the money.

If they do not do so in time, the money will be sent back to you or the original source, and it may take up to 3 business days for your bank to send the money back into your account.

How to Decline Money Sent on Messenger

On some occasions, people decide not to accept money sent to them by their friends for reasons best known to them. If you find yourself not willing to collect money from your friends on messenger, you can decline it by following this process:

  • Open the conversation containing the money your friend sent to you
  • Click on the amount sent
  • Then finally, click DECLINE PAYMENT at the bottom.

The Facebook help center is available for users with more questions to visit and get answers or solutions to their problem. Facebook payment system is awesome and highly secured to use but if you run into any problem while using their service, just visit the help center to get assistance from Facebook.

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