Facebook Watch App | How to Use Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch App – Facebook has improved on the features it possesses in recent years. Features like Facebook news feed, Facebook story update, etc. The popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are beginning to delve into app TV getting in competition with the likes of YouTube which is an online free video app.

The Facebook Watch App is a worldwide video-on-demand service which offers personalized recommendations for videos to watch, as well as categorized content bundles depending on factors such as popularity and social media engagement. On August 30, 2018, Facebook Watch App became available to all users of Facebook all across the world.

This revolutionary feature/app on Facebook called the Facebook Watch App includes a mixture of content from users and professionally-produced content or videos.

It’s a lot like YouTube Premium, which includes regular YouTube videos and exclusive original programming, but Facebook Watch App is free which makes it more welcomed by the billions of users on the social media platform.

Facebook Watch App

Features of Facebook Watch App

Facebook Watch shows is like Marketplace, in that it is highly integrated with Facebook, but it exists as an extra thing that’s separate from the main News Feed where user can watch exclusive videos and contents of their choice.

These are a few amazing features of the Facebook Watch app;

  • It is easy to use: The Facebook watch has been made to be user-friendly by which various users can navigate the app/feature through their Fb Account easily. Once a user gets access to the Fb watch app, they are able to scroll through categories of shows and video the user will like to view.
  • Watchlist: A Facebook user Watchlist is populated by shows that particular user follows. If the Facebook user sees something they like on Facebook Watch App, they could tap the “follow” button, and the user will be able to find it later in their Watchlist.
  • Wide range of shows/videos to watch: it features personalized recommendations of live and recorded shows to watch, plus categories like “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh” and “Shows Your Friends Are Watching.” This way, various users are updated with the trends all over the world because they can get to share what they watch among each other.

The Facebook Watch tv which is free to access as long as a user has a Facebook account is fast becoming a competition for YouTube, the mainstream video streaming online application and giving it a run for its money due to the fact that various user can opt to subscribe to updates on new episodes of their  favorite shows.

How to Use Facebook Watch App

Looking at the features of the Facebook Watch, users have figured that it is cross-platform, allowing people to view videos from all their devices, while also being a daily destination for 1.32 billion users. It is available on the respective device’s app store and on a computer it’s on the Facebook site. These easy steps are to guide users on how to use Fb Watch app;

  • Navigate to OR go to the App on your device
  • Complete the Login process
  • On the left menu bar, select “Watch.”

Tip: Look for the TV icon below the News Feed and Messenger options in the navigation pane.

  • Begin to scroll through various exclusive videos you will like to watch. That’s it!

Unlike most cable replacement services, Facebook Watch doesn’t have channels. It is more like YouTube because individual programs on the service have Shown Pages where users can find all the episodes, read more about them, see what other people think about the show, and interact with other viewers.

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