Forex Trading Software Buy Sell Signals – Forex is the world’s largest exchange form, which involves an exchange of one currency to another by individuals, institutions, and investors.

These individuals, institutions, and investors buy and sell currencies to make profits, known as Forex trading. Forex trading is simply converting one currency to another and is one of the most active markets in the world, with an average trading volume of $5 trillion daily.

If you are interested in exchanging currencies and the profits that come with it, you need to work with Forex trading platforms.

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Forex trading platforms have the experience and resources for Forex trading, and you can join them to earn profits from trading currencies. There are online forex platforms that enable investors and traders to make a profit from forex exchange. Forex trading is now done online through software trading platforms, and you can select the platform you need.

You can choose the platform that suits your trading style and other specific trading needs. We have a list of Forex trading platform you can check out when you start Forex trading. There are lots of Forex trading platforms, and these ones have been selected on the basis of the good reputation they have and the excellent trading features they have.

Top Forex Trading Software for Buy and Sell Signals

Meta 4

This is a highly reputable forex trading platform known for being reliable and for its awesome features that make trading easy for its users. Its awesome features include:

  • Click trading
  • Availability of lots of expert advisors
  • Pending orders
  • Over 50 indicators
  • Limit orders
  • Multi charting
  • Nine different time frames

This platform is really reliable, and users can depend on its stability at any time, and the software platform is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

It is known for its stability; however, some traders have complained that it is quite slow compared to other trading platforms.

Meta 5 Trading Platform

This is an advanced form of Meta 4 trading platform. It is quite a similar Meta 4 trading platform but is faster, has a larger amount of indicator, supports more types of order, and has some other additional features. This trading platform handles a larger number of trading instruments when compared with Meta Trader 4.

  • MetaTrader 5 has 21 different time frames traders can view,
  • Six different types of pending orders,
  • It has a depth of market option, which is a unique tool that allows traders to view the different bids and offers of a financial instrument.
  • It also has the ability to switch from hedging mode to netting mode, which is quite important for Forex trading.

Meta trader is considered the best forex trading platforms for mobile trading. They are quite popular because they are free to the traders via their trade brokers.

Forex Trading Software Buy Sell Signals


This trading platform is also quite good for forex trading, though it is quite different from Meta trader.

This platform offers advanced trading and charting features. It can be accessed through a web browser, but it has developed mobile apps for IOS and Android devices; however, Windows operating systems are not included.

Nina Trader

This is another forex trading platform that stockbrokers and traders can take advantage of. It offers users features like advanced charting, automated strategy development and trade simulations.

However, traders cannot use this platform for free; they can only execute trading on this platform by leasing the platform on an annual basis or quarterly or purchasing a lifetime licensed to use the platform for trading.


E-signal is not for beginners but for advanced traders who enjoy using customized trading features. Users can create their own trading strategies or market screeners using the coding language. E-signal has all the standard features for modern trading.

It offers users features like Gann boxes, Time and Square boxes, which are advanced drawing tools. And it offers users the ability to view 500 symbols all at the same time. But for users to fully enjoy this trading platform, they have to pay a monthly fee to lease the platform. This will enable them to gain access to eSignal’s supported brokers to get real-time data feeds.

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This trading platform is a technical analysis software developed by IT-France in France. It can be accessed through the web through the back up on the company’s cloud network. Users are offered a wide range of features such as charting and analytical tools to create market scanners and trading strategies using ProRealTime coding language.

However, it is not a free trading platform; users need to pay a license fee to execute trading on the platform. And users may be required to pay other fees to access real-time market feeds.

Saxo Bank Trading Platform

Saxo Bank has highly defined platforms for forex trading which are known as SaxoTraderGo and SaxoTraderPro.

The Saxo bank trading platform is recommended for its user interface design and experience, and it also available for desktop devices and mobile devices and can be accessed through the web. Saxo trading platforms offer users the following features:

  • Varieties of order types and other marketing features
  • Syncing of watch lists and charts
  • News, research and integrated pattern-recognition.
  • Traders also can access over 30,000 markets.


This forex trading platform is only available for U.S. residents, and it is known for its unique and innovative THINKORSWIM platform for desktops. It has the following features available for its users:

  • Over 400 indicators
  • ThinkScripts for algorithm trading
  • Ability to customize your own trading  
  • Gives users the ability to create push notifications and alerts on indicators
  • A powerful charting
  • It has social-media sharing features, numerous research and a Candlestick pattern editor.

You can test the trading platform using its demo form to find out if it suits your trading styles.

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Interactive Brokers

This platform offers traders access to powerful research tools, 115 forex pairs, U.S. traded bitcoin futures, global exchange-traded products. It is considered one of the best international offering forex trading platform.

There are lots of forex trading platforms that you can select from; you choose which one applies to your trading styles and check out the trading environment demo for each platform before making your selection.

Forex trading is considered the most active stock market in the world, and you can join others in making profits by joining good forex trading platforms. Just check out these ones we have listed out for you to start your own forex trading.

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