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Futuristic Computers concept – The world has gone through a series of technical changes over the years, and we are currently in an age where almost anything is technically possible. There are lots of amazing designs and concepts currently in development by tech wizards and geniuses, so let’s check out these fantastic developments.

Amazing Futuristic Computers Concept Designs

Philco PC: Philco PC is a great example of futuristic computers. With its classic design, this is one computer that is totally appealing to the eyes. Apart from having an amazing design, it also hosts window 7 which makes it an excellent spec.

Philco PC Futuristic Computers

HP LiM: HP LiM concept will feature a 19 inches transparent touch OLED screen along with a wireless keyboard. It also features a virtual trackpad which cuts down on mouse costs. In addition to this, the screen slides to create a more amazing touch experience and easy navigation.

HP LiM Futuristic Computers

Napkin PC: This is another great futuristic computer that would totally excite you. The Napkin PC is designed specifically for group collaborations. Each pen transmits your doodles to the base station which is also a PC. The information is processed and transmitted on the napkin like e-ink paper.

Book Laptop: The Book/laptop features a CD Rom Drive with a complete CD, a detachable keyboard (you need to remove the keyboard to access the battery), and a switch that turns off the screen light when you close the book. This device is just like every regular book until you open it. Then you get to see an amazing device.

B-Membrane Computer: This unique futuristic computer has lots of features inspired by the Kubrick mother ship computer. It has a mother keyboard that appears when needed, in addition to this, it has an optical device. And the projector can beam ambient light effects on any device you desire when not in use as a computer.

Asus Bookshelf PC: Bookshelf PC operates on add-on hardware attachments which makes the device convenient and easy to move around. With the hardware attachments, you can transform the ASUS Bookshelf PC into a multimedia library. Each individual hardware attachment is configured to download, play contents, and moderate copyrights.

Asus Bookshelf PC

Paper laptop: The paper laptop concept is both intriguing and amazing tech design. It uses recycled paper or pulp materials; all packed in layers. This makes it easy for you to replace the damaged parts of the laptop. This is one futuristic device lots of users are eager to lay their hands on.

Portable PC Theatre: If you are looking for a portable space-saving home entertainment solution, then Microsoft’s portable PC theatre is just the device for you. This computer system features a built-in projector, CD/DVD drive, and integrated speakers. This portable PC is definitely the best entertainment device. It equally has a built-in projector that is mobile for better positioning. And the projector lens are stereo speakers, so you don’t have to worry about sound. It equally has a collapsible keyboard and retractable cords.

Portable PC Theatre


In summary, if you are looking for futuristic computers concept ideas, then you should check out the above-listed computers.

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