Twitter Voice Tweet Feature | Get Twitter Voice Tweet Feature Free

Twitter Voice Tweet Feature – Voice tweet is the newest feature to be added to twitter, which allows you to record your voice for others to listen to. Sometimes, it is better to record what you want to say than type it, and this feature makes it absolutely easy for you to do so on Twitter.

This voice recording feature has been rolled out to iPhone devices; however, it is not yet available to android users.

The recorded tweets will appear on your follower’s timeline alongside text tweets. You can record whatever you want in 140 seconds; if you exceed the time limit, you start a fresh recording just like with texting.

The recorded tweets will be stringed as a thread of voice tweets. Now, before you can access this feature, you need to ensure you have updated your twitter to the latest one.

If you have access to the new feature, you will see a new waveform icon next to the camera icon. You can simply tap this to create audio snippets.

Audio tweets can only be attached to original tweets, so you can’t record replies or comments. You also need to note that whatever profile picture you have will be attached to your voice tweets.

So, you might want to add a very nice photo because they are attached to audio tweets. This profile picture will be added to your audio tweets and cannot be refreshed even if you change your photo.

Get Twitter Voice Tweet Feature Free

How to Create Voice Tweets and Listen to Audio Tweets 

If you have access to the voice tweet feature, you should be able to listen to audio tweets and create them.

To listen to a voice tweet:

  • Just click on the audio, and you would see the audio playing in a bar across the bottom of your app.

To create voice tweets:

  • Create a post in the same you would create a text tweet.
  • Then Find the audio option; it looks like a bunch of sound waves. If you don’t find this feature on your app, this means it is not yet available to you.
  • If you find the feature, just click the icon and start recording your voice.
  • Press RECORD to start recording audio tweets. It is important to know that each voice tweets lasts for 140 seconds, so you have to maximize your time. Once the time is elapsed, you would have to create a new voice record, and these audio snippets will be stringed together as the thread of voice tweets.
  • Then you can send your voice tweets, and you will find these tweets on the timeline of your followers with your profile picture attached to it.


Twitter has promised to roll out these features to other users, but it is available only to iPhone users. If you don’t find this feature on your Twitter app, it is not available yet. But you can try updating your twitter app to the latest version to see if you can find the feature.

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