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Google Chrome OS – Chrome OS is a Google operating system that is based on the google chrome web browser. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, and this operating system is quite different from others.

The Google Chrome OS basically works on laptops specially designed for the system such as Chromebook. Chrome OS is designed so that most of the tasks are done online and stored in the cloud.

So, you can easily access the Google web apps through the taskbar or your desktop. Most of the apps heavily rely on an internet connection to run smoothly; therefore, Chrome OS is often fast and consumes low battery life since the apps are not so demanding.

Google Chrome OS

How Does Google Chrome OS Work?

Chrome Os is different from other operating systems, and therefore its operations and features are quite different.

To start using Google Chrome OS, you need to log into your google account. This gives you access to the operating system and other functions on the device. This also gives you access to Google’s suite of applications such as Gmail, Maps, Docs, and Drive.

And you can also visit the Chrome Web Store to download thousands of apps on your device. So, you can access apps like Netflix, YouTube and varieties of games that are supported by the operating system. However, some programs or apps that run on Windows or Mac OS are not likely to work on Chrome OS. You can also install apps like Word and Excel when you purchase office 365.

Chrome OS is safe and easy to use since almost every task is done online. This means your device will have little or no intrusion from viruses.

The operating system works very fast since most tasks are performed with internet connections. So, Chrome OS is both safe and easy to use.

Chromebook OS Features

Chrome OS is an excellent option for users that rely heavily on internet connections to perform tasks on their devices. So, if you love using your device for online operations like social media, Spotify, Netflix, and Emails, then Chrome OS is definitely the right choice for you.

However, if your operations have to do with playing demanding games or heavy graphic design, then Chrome OS isn’t such a good idea for you.

Although Chrome OS relies heavily on internet connections, there are still operations that can be done offline. You can play simple games offline without the use of internet connections.

Furthermore, you can also use apps like Google Drive and Google Docs to create files and spreadsheets that will sync once you are connected back to the internet. You can save pages in your chrome browser that you can access offline.

And Chrome OS also favors file managers that allow you to read files from chrome memory through a flash drive, hard drive, or USB. Chrome Os also allows you to access Android apps through Google play store. This means you can have access to lots of apps and games.


Google Chrome OS is just ideal for tasks that rely a lot on internet connections and for less demanding programs. The operating system is safe, easy to use and the battery life lasts for a long time.

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