Google Announces the Release of Google Smart Home Hub 2

Google Smart Home Hub 2 – Google has announced the release of its second-generation nest hub with improved features, including; sleeping sensing, thread support, and upgraded audio.

The Google nest hub is Google’s all-in-one smart display designed for smart home appliances; it also renders other services, including; plays music and videos, and is connected to Google assistant.

Since 2018 Google has competed for video-based smart assistant services with the Amazon Echo Show.

Even though the new Google Smart Home Hub 2 looks similar to the previous version, the difference is in the lip at the edge of the display. This minimum difference gives Nest hub a more streamlined appearance and may make cleaning the device a lot easier. The significant difference of this second-generation Nest hub is in the internal component of the device.

Google Smart Home Hub 2

The most outstanding new feature of the newest Google Nest hub is introducing the soli technology mini-processor that enables radar, enabling Google’s new Nest Hub to track your sleep. Google also made upgrades to the microphone in the unit, which enhances its audio quality.

According to Google, the new Google Smart Home Hub 2 device comes with “a dedicated on-device machine-learning artificial intelligence chip and is made with 54% recycled post-consumer plastic,” in line with its commitment to making eco-friendly products.

Furthermore, the new Nest hub comes with thread technology which is a communication protocol similar to the one available on Zigbee. Thread technology enables smart devices to function more securely by creating a mesh network.

The Google second-generation Nest hub will cost $99.99 in the United States and is only a slight increase from the previous model; however, it’ll definitely be worth the price with the upgrades. The Nest hub will be available in; charcoal, chalk, mist, and sand colors.

Right now, the device is available for pre-order since March 16 for people in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Major retailers like best buy have pledged to stock the product, and it will also be available on the Google play store.

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