How Can I See My MoneyGram Transaction History | MoneyGram Money Order Tracking

MoneyGram Transaction History – MoneyGram is a leading international money transfer gateway based in the US. They have been in the business for so long and is widely accepted all over the world.

Sending money via the MoneyGram platform is convenient and safe; also, they are many options for you to send money via the platform. You can send money with MoneyGram via the following channels; Online, App, Cash, and In-store. You can do all this with guaranteed efficiency and at your own convenience.

How can I track the money I sent through the MoneyGram platform?

MoneyGram has a very user-friendly means of tracking monies in transit; thus, you can easily check your MoneyGram transfer status. However, to do this, you must provide your reference or authorization number. We also recommend that you keep the date you made the transfer handy.

MoneyGram also makes it easy for you to get refunds in eventualities where the recipient doesn’t get the money after two weeks. To do this, you have to fill out a claim card or request a photocopy.

MoneyGram Money Order Tracking

Money order tracking on MoneyGram is easy and fast; you can easily find any transaction status and even check if the MoneyGram order was cashed by your recipient. 


  • An authorization or reference number: This is a unique 8-digit number assigned to your transaction when the money has been sent successfully. You can find your Authorization/reference number in the confirmation email from MoneyGram. For cash pickup transactions, the receiver must have this number to pick up the money.
  • Your last name: this is the last name on the transaction record.

Furthermore, both the receiver and the sender can track a MoneyGram transaction; however, remember only the money’s sender has the authorization or reference number. The receiver has to get it from the money sender to be able to track the transaction.

How can I see my MoneyGram transaction history?

The MoneyGram transaction history request will provide you with a summary of all your money gram transactions. To get this, you’ll need the MoneyGram form for transaction history request, which is available here. Download the MoneyGram form, fill it out accurately and submit it to the MoneyGram Historical Transaction Department.

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