Are Huawei phones safe to use | How Secure Are Huawei Phones | Should I Buy a Huawei Device?

Are Huawei phones safe to use? Do Huawei phones pose a threat to your security? These are some of the biggest questions in the tech and gadget industry since the US government blacklisted Huawei phones.

Huawei is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world; however, the US has banned its sale in their country. The US government fears that the networking connection from Huawei phones can be used to spy on the US government.

Also, Huawei founder held a high rank in the Chinese Army, which shows that the company may have some ties with the Chinese government. And this is one of the reasons why the US government is suspicious of Huawei devices. This suspicion has also spread to other countries like the UK and Australia. This has affected the sale of Huawei devices in these countries.

The US government has blacklisted Huawei phones because they believe they pose a threat to national security. They believe that Huawei is working together with the Chinese government and present a potential threat to National security.

Are Huawei phones safe to use

What Do Experts Have to Say about Huawei Mobile Phones

While some experts have supported the claim that Huawei phones post a threat to US national security, others think otherwise.

Experts like Sen. Rubio believe that Huawei phones are working together with the Chinese government. It is also alleged that they pose the greatest long-term threats to US national security and economy. The US government must be vigilante of Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE to prevent them from undermining and endangering America’s 5G network.

Sen. Mark Walter has also asserted that allowing Huawei inclusion in America’s 5G network could seriously jeopardize National security and also put critical supply chain at risk.

While experts like Quin Wang (Professor of Marketing & Innovation University of Warwick) have spoken in defense of Huawei technology. According to him, there is no ample evidence to show that Huawei is working in alliance with the Chinese government to sabotage US national security.

Many other experts have joined in this debate, but the truth remains that US decision to severe trading agreements with Huawei has truly affected this Tech company. And this has got lots of consumers confused about the security and safety of Huawei devices.

So Are Huawei Phones Safe to use and well Secured?

This is one of the biggest questions in the tech and gadget world since the US deemed Huawei as a threat to its national security.

But the truth is that every smartphone spies on you to some extent, so Huawei phones are not alone on this. And, of course, some Chinese-made phones have been caught stealing some amount of data from their users. So, the US government is right in their suspicions.

Nevertheless, there is no clear evidence to show that Huawei is trying to spy on the American government. There’s no public evidence to support the claim that Huawei phones pose a threat to US national security. It is based mostly on suspicion, but maybe the US government has a good reason for banning Huawei sales in the US.

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