How to Backup WhatsApp Data | Backup WhatsApp

So you are probably having trouble with your already installed Whatsapp, and you want to uninstall the file. However, you are worried about losing some pictures or videos or whatever data you have there. Or are you worried about transferring media from an old device to a new device without losing your documents?

Do you use an iPhone or a computer? Not to worry! There are some quick and easy steps to follow to ensure you don’t lose all your fun memories from your device. We will show you how to backup whatsapp data on your mobile devices.

So you want to backup your chats and media to your Google Drive. You definitely want to do this with your Wi-Fi on to reduce costs if you use your mobile data.

You should also have enough free memory space on your device.

 You need to also have a Google account to backup to and power supply in case the whole process takes a long time and drains your battery.

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Click Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup
  • Click BACKUP
How to Backup WhatsApp Data

How To Backup Whatsapp Data For iPhone

Manually, you can just backup your chats on your device by going to;

 Whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now.

 You can also have automatic backups by clicking Auto Backup and set how often you wish to have your data backed up.

You should know that this setup is to save your chats and media directly to your iCloud account. So yeah, you should be logged in with your Apple ID with which you use for your iCloud.

It’s important that you have the iOS 7, iOS 8 or any of the later versions.

For iOS 7: Go to iPhone Settings>iCloud>Documents & Data. Ensure that Documents & Data is turned on.

For iOS 8 and later versions: Go to iPhone Settings>click your name>iCloud. Ensure that the iCloud Drive is on.

Make sure you have enough free memory space on your iCloud and iPhone.

The entire process might take a while so ensure that you have sufficient battery or power source and a stable network coverage or Wi-Fi.

How to Backup Whatsapp Data to PC

An application called Sync is excellent for this. There is a Windows version which you can download to carry out this backup procedure.

 Install the application and select the Whatsapp folder by tapping the + button and choosing the option New backup

Open the Whatsapp folder and visit the URL from your phone.

Launch application for the Sync app for the PC and Continue adding.

How to Restore Whatsapp Data Backup

Usually, when you uninstall and reinstall your Whatsapp, after verifying your phone number, you get a message prompting you to RESTORE.

But if there is no backup detected, it could be because you are not signed into the same Google account you used for the backup, or you are using a different number, or there is an error corrupting your chat history.

Be sure to have enough memory space and a reliable power source in case the file you want to restore is large and will take some time.

The iPhone feature also requires the same procedure as mentioned above. It is pretty easy to restore your backed up data except you have never backed it up before.

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