How to Block Emails on iCloud – The iPhone mail app does not have the feature to block emails. To block email on iCloud you’ll need to use the iCloud website. Furthermore, you can block someone from sending you emails through your individual email services providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft outlook.

For whatever reason, an iCloud user might want to restrict emails from a particular or group of senders. If you are fed up with those unwanted spam emails, we’ve got a handy solution for you. The only downside is that you must set this up via the iCloud website.

On the iCloud website it’ll only take you a few clicks to block emails. You can do this by using the inbox ‘Rule’ feature. Also, this lets you block an email address on iCloud and any email received will be automatically moved to the trash folder.

How to Block Emails from a Sender in iCloud Mail

To block a sender on iCloud you need to create a rule that automatically sends their emails to the trash.

So, if you want iCloud to block certain emails from unwanted senders, just follow these steps:

  • Start by visiting the iCloud website on your browser in your iPhone or Macbook.
  • After you log in, click on the ‘Mail’ option
  • Then scroll to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the settings icon.
  • And from the resulting dropdown, click “Rules…” as shown on the image below.
  • Click “Add a Rule…” in the Rules tab
  • In the resulting “If a message” section at the top of the dialog box, select the option “is from” then input the email address you want to block on iCloud.
  • Furthermore, at the “Then” section located at the bottom of the dialog box, select “Move to Trash” click done after that.
  • Finally, click “Done” at the end of the settings dialog box.


In summary, if you are tired of those unwanted emails pilling up on your iPhone, learn How to Block Emails on iCloud and get rid of them. The process is very easy and you can just follow the seven steps we’ve outlined here to get it done now.

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