Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Facebook – Bitcoin is a digital currency for performing varieties of transactions online, you can pay for services, get paid for jobs through your bitcoin wallet without having to go through a third party like a bank or any other online payment platform.

To enjoy bitcoin services, you need first to set up a wallet which is in the form of an app you download on your mobile device, once you have this wallet you can start receiving bitcoins as payments and sending bitcoins as payments.

Bitcoin trading can be conducted on Facebook; there are lots of bitcoin buy and sell groups, and you can join them to sell or buy bitcoin. Finding the right platforms to conduct bitcoin trading can be a bit hectic, but with Facebook bitcoin groups available for you to do so, it becomes rather easy. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, and you can find popular platforms like bitcoin on Facebook with ease. How do you buy and sell bitcoin on Facebook?

Join Bitcoin Selling Groups

With how popular bitcoin became online, lots of bitcoin groups were formed on Facebook to enable users to conduct bitcoin transactions with ease. Such groups even provide you with insights about bitcoin and how lucrative it is as a digital currency. To join bitcoin groups on Facebook, you need to follow these steps.

  • Search for bitcoin groups on the Facebook search bar, using specific keywords. You can search for popular bitcoin buy and sell groups in your location.
  • From the list of search results that appear, choose the specific one you wish to join.
  • Just click JOIN GROUP and wait for an admin’s approval.
  • If you want to know about a group before you join, you can check out the about section to see member’s profiles and know the kind of group it is.
  • You can meet bitcoin buyers or sellers through these groups, so if you are looking for a seller or buyer, you can connect with them on the group.
Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Facebook

How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin on Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook bitcoin groups where you can conduct bitcoin trading. You can join such groups and connect with either the buyer or seller.

  • You just have first to join such groups first and observe their method of transacting bitcoin. If it is the kind of group you want to work with, you can start your own transaction.
  • Now you can post contents advertising the amount of bitcoin you want to sell or purchase. If you find a seller or buyer interested in your transaction, you can communicate with such persons through messenger.
  • If the person is genuine enough, you can send your wallet address if you are receiving bitcoin or you can send your account details if you are the one selling bitcoins.
  • These groups serve as good platforms to reach other bitcoin investors and conduct transactions with ease. You can post your sales on bitcoin groups and start your bitcoin trading easily on Facebook.

How to Create Bitcoin Buy and Sell Groups

You can create your own bitcoin groups to help connect with sellers and buyers and conduct transaction with ease.

  • Go to your menu bar on your Facebook screen, scroll to the group section and click GROUPS
  • Click CREATE GROUP link
  • A new page will open, add your group details there
  • Give your selling group a name on the NAME YOUR GROUP option
  • Click the ADD SOME PEOPLE option on the page, start by adding your friends on Facebook, Facebook requires this.
  • Choose if you want your group to be an open or closed one from your privacy options.
  • Then click CREATE, after choosing Facebook group privacy settings by tapping the create button.
  • Choose a cover photo for easy identification of your group. The cover photo differs from that of your personal account or business page, so you have to choose the appropriate size.
  • On the about section, add important details of your group for prospective members.
  • Edit group settings are the next step, from there you can choose to change the group name, description, group type, linked pages, privacy settings, and membership approval. You can decide to set up group address, add an email where people can send messages to your group directly; you can change group description, change posting permissions and decide if only admins should be posting in the group, you can also edit post-approval and decide of posts must be approved by admin. It allows you to set the group settings the way you want as the owner of the group.
  • Once you are done editing some important details for your new group, click SAVE.
  • And that’s all you need to do to create your own bitcoin buy and sell group; you can now promote your bitcoin on the group and start connecting with bitcoin buyers and sellers.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Facebook Pages

Apart from groups, there are bitcoin pages on Facebook to help you keep in touch with what is going on in the crypto world.

You can meet a community of bitcoin investors through Facebook pages, and you can even find interested buyers and sellers on the platform.

You can also create your own bitcoin page to help you sell your bitcoin and also make it easy for buyers to purchase bitcoin from you. To create your page, follow these steps:

  • Visit your personal Facebook account click on CREATE A PAGE on your menu bar
  • Choose the create page option from the drop-down menu
  • Then, choose the type of business you are creating the page for; the options include local business or place, company, organization or institution, brand or product, artist, band or public figure, entertainment and cause or community. And in case your business does not fall into any of the available categories, just select a category related to your business.
  • Click on business type asking for more business info; you will be prompted to enter a business name, title.
  • Choose a business category that best fits your business description.
  • Then click GET STARTED, by clicking get started you are accepting Facebook’s terms and conditions for business pages.
  • Set up your business page profile photo and select a cover photo which would appear as your business background image.
  • Facebook will ask you to invite your friends to like the page.
  • Add other additional business details, enter your website, hours, and contact information. On the ABOUT section, you can add useful info about your business for interested customers.
  • You can promote your page using Facebook ads to reach other bitcoin investors online.
  • Then you can now finally use your Facebook page for conducting bitcoin trading.

Finally, Bitcoin is a popular digital currency, and you can now conduct bitcoin trading on Facebook. There are lots of bitcoin pages and groups on Facebook; you can find the right one in your location and start bitcoin buying and selling. You can even create your own Facebook group for bitcoin transactions to enable you to connect with other bitcoin investors.

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