How to Change Facebook Business Page Name

How to Change Facebook Business Page Name – Facebook is one of the biggest and best social media platforms. Facebook business page can offer your customers an easy way to contact and access your business online. Your business name is essential for branding if you initially entered a random name or made a mistake while typing your Facebook.

You would not want your business page to be credited with another name because of something as silly as a small mistake. Suppose you wish to change your Facebook page name. In that case, there are a few things you would want to consider before proceeding with changing your Facebook business page. Your business page cannot contain words like Facebook, it cannot be something too generic. Also, you will need to be an admin to successfully change the name on your page. If you have finally decided on the name of your Facebook selling page, here is how to change it.

What is allowed for the Facebook business page name?

Before we dive into how to change your Facebook business page name, let’s take a look at the names allowed for your Facebook page name to make sure you are ready and set in changing your Facebook business page name. Here is what is not allowed for Facebook selling page name:

  •  You are not allowed to use terms and phrases that may be abusive or violate human’s right
  • You must include capital letters if not for acronyms; improper capitalization such as “the Best page” is not allowed
  • Furthermore, symbols and unnecessary punctuation are not allowed
  • Description or slogans
  • Any word Facebook

How to Change Facebook Business Page Name

Here are the steps you need to implement to change your Facebook business page name:

How to Change Facebook Business Page Name

Step one

Access your Facebook account from your mobile device, then navigate to your news feed at the left-hand side of the page; you will find the pages tab in the menu bar.

Step two

At the bottom left, click settings; once you access the page menu, you will find the different Facebook pages associated with your account at the left-hand side of the page menu and in the center of the page also.

Find the Facebook page you will need to change the name, click on it, and proceed to settings.

Step three

On the page setting menu, access the page info tab, tap on it, and proceed to the next step.

Step four

This is where you will change your Fb business page name. Then, click on your existing page name under the general section of the page info menu.

Since you already have no do’s and don’ts of the Facebook selling site name and you already have your name in place, proceed to change your Facebook business page name to your desired name.

Tap outside the name tab; you will receive a pop-up notification window that states confirm name change request.

Step six

This is where you review your Facebook request to change your Fb page name; you will see your current page name and your new page name. If everything looks the way you expect it to be, proceed to tap on the request change button.

And finally, that is How to Change Facebook Business Page Name officially.

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